Teams turn down changes in refuelling regulations

June 14, 2015
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Alexander S

Although a few weeks ago, refuelling was mentioned as one of the top changes in the Formula 1, team managers have apparently voted against it in the last meeting.


The F1 Strategy Group met in May to discuss reforms to spice-up things in the competition and bring back some excitement starting from next year. Refuelling in the middle of the race was listed as one of the most likely changes, but surprisingly team managers have decided to not go ahead with it – at least for now.

Refuelling had been removed from the sport in 2009 as a measure to reduce the costs. This move, along with the rule regarding tyre changes, had a great impact on the teams’ strategies and added excitement to the spectators, but we will have to wait to see it again during the races.

After a comprehensive study, the team managers concluded that there wouldn’t be any benefit of lifting the refuelling ban. Furthermore, they referred to a study conducted in 2010 that proved that the ability of overtaking other cars improved as a result of the refuelling restriction. And of course, they also pointed out that the initial reason to stop refuelling still stands – costs.

Teams have a full right to stand by their interests, but it is obvious they are desperately in need of some changes in the regulations. This is essential not only for their own good but also for the benefit of the sport which is undoubtely in crisis. Unfortunately, as of now chances of refuelling restrictions being lifted are non-existent and the space for other changes is also somewhat narrowed.

FIA and Formula 1 officials, together with the teams, do have good intentions of refreshing the sport, but they lack original ideas. At the end of the day it seems like people only implement changes that serve their own interests and it seems like the only who always loses out is the audience.

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