Von Moltke and French on pole, Fittipaldi breaks track record in Detroit

The qualifying for Chevrolet Sports Car Classic in Detroit has started at 5:10PM with GT Daytona cars rolling on the track. Dion Von Moltke took the early lead in his rebuilt Audi R8 LMS with 1:36.770. He was followed by Patrick Lindsey, Ben Keating and Christina Nielsen. Von Moltke improved his time to 1:33.591 and then 1:34.112, increasing his lead over Nielsen who did 1:34.338. Just as Ben Keating jumped to second with 1:34.261, the race was red flagged when Michael Marsal hit the tires with his BMW Z4. After the time ran out during the red flag period, Von Moltke was on the pole, followed by Ben Keating, Christina Nielsen, Patrick Lindsey and Ian James in top five. Madison Snow was on sixth in front of Bill Sweedler, John Potter, Cooper MacNeil and Michael Marsal.

Chris Cumming was the first to take the lead in Prototype Challenge class by doing 1:34.119 and he soon improved his time to 1:31.926 and later to 1:29.958. James French followed him with 1:32.728, but Mirco Schultis did 1:32.530 and jumped to second. French returned with 1:31.909. Mike Guasch was also in the game with 1:31.787. Cumming improved again by doing 1:29.615 and French was in the second position with 1:30.300. In the last moments of the session, James French did 1:29.317 and won the PC pole position, just 0.004 ahead of Chris Cumming. Mirco Schultis was on third and was followed by Mike Guasch, Jon Bennett and Mikhail Goikhberg.

The Prototype cars were the last to enter the track and Christian Fittipaldi was the first to take the lead with 1:29.001 and he improved to 1:26.853. Lap after lap, Fittipaldi was improving his time, but Ricky Taylor was briefly in the lead with 1:25.373, but was eventually overtaken by Fittipaldi with 1:25.215. However, Ricky Taylor claimed the lead again with 1:24.868, which was the new track record until Fittipaldi did 1:24.746. In the last lap, lapped the track in 1:24.749, just 0.003 slower than his fastest time. Ricky Taylor was on the second, followed by Michael Valiante, Scott Pruett, Eric Curran and John Pew.

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