2015 Carrera Cup Germany - Hockenheim practice and qualifying

The first event of the 2015 Carrera Cup Germany season has just begun. The track is famous circuit Hockenheimring and the drivers are the one of the best and the fastest Porsche 911 racers in the world. The main ingredients for fantastic race season are here, the great tracks, the best drivers and the best cup racing car – Porsche 991 GT3 Cup. If you look at the 2014 Carrera Cup Germany season and our preview of 2015 season, you will find who are the fastest drivers and championship favorites and those same guys are the one which proved to be fastest on the first event. Here are the results of the practice session, which was held on Thursday, 30th of May.

carrera cup germany 1

It is not a surprise that experienced German driver Christian Engelhart was fastest. This is his home turf and his knowledge of the Hockenheim are enough for the fastest time. The second and third place (Nikki Thiim and last year’s champion Philipp Eng) are practically the prediction of the whole season. Those three drivers fighting each other. However, on the qualifying session which was held on Friday, 1st of May, the situation is a little bit different:

carrera cup germany 2

Christian Engelhart was fastest and won the pole position for the Saturday’s race, however, the second was young British driver Ben Baker. The Thiim and Eng was ninth and tenth which is somewhat of disappointment but will insure a battle for the upper spots. Michael Ammermuler and Connor de Phillipi are on the fifth and sixth place and knowing their experience and potential, they could easily in position for winning.

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