Audi Sport TT Cup finale: Lappalainen wins and puts one hand on championship trophy

  • Joonas Lappalainen (FIN), Audi Sport TT Cup, Hockenheim
  • Joonas Lappalainen
  • Audi Sport TT Cup, Champion Pokal
  • Dennis Marschall (D), Joonas Lappalainen (FIN)

Joonas Lappalainen wins the first race of Audi Sport TT Cup season’s finale at Hockenheimring. It is fourth season’s win for 18-year-old Finn, who increases the lead in the Cup’s standings ahead of Dennis Marschall, the only championship title rival, to twenty points. Marschall finished fifth in today’s race.

Lappalainen started Saturday’s race from pole position and kept the lead for all thirteen laps. There were lots of position changes behind his back, with Nicklas Nielsen and Sheldon van der Linde reaching the podium. Emil Lindholm, who started fourth, was in P2 for most of the race but he lost the podium in the closing laps. Dennis Marschall started fifth and ran fourth until lap 3, when he outbraked himself and went off the track, dropping to P8. He fought back and finished in the fifth place.

The decisive race is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Lappalainen has 264 points and everything beyond 14th place in Sunday’s race would be enough to catch the championship title in the second season of Audi’s one-make cup. Dennis Marschall will chase his fifth win tomorrow but his final position depends on Lappalainen’s result. The battle for the third place in the championship classification will start with a two-point gap between Nielsen and Van der Linde (217-215).

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