5 Reasons We Love Daniel Ricciardo

June 23, 2021

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If you love motorsport, this year’s F1 is shaping up to be one of the best in years.

Max Verstappen is giving Lewis Hamilton a serious challenge as the Brit looks to become the greatest driver ever with 8 title wins. Mick Schumacher is taking the first steps en route to hopefully following in his father’s huge footsteps. And the fact that we have live racing after the pandemic fills us with great joy.

However, there is another driver we’re loving right now. Daniel Ricciardo. Here’s why.

#1. The Australian Humor

F1 is an immensely serious sport where the finest margins can be the difference between success and failure. In fact, they can be the difference between life and death. So, while we love the intense battles, a little lightheartedness is always welcome. Ricciardo showed his humor with the Australian version of a Rick Roll earlier this year. Simple plan: make QR code, have it in view on a post, and watch the fans take the bait. It worked and we were among those who fell for it. After a split second of anger, we found it funny.

#2. Heated Interactions

It would be inaccurate to call the Australian driver a hothead. But his competitive nature is clear to see, and it’s one of the reasons we love him. We also think that he can improve on his previous best of third place in the standings – albeit not this year. The infamous Baku incident still lives fresh in the memory. Meanwhile, this season’s challenges of adapting to a new car have been clear. And at times, minor disagreements have emerged. It certainly makes him one of the more interesting drivers on the grid.

#3. The Honey Badger

Building on the above point, Ricciardo’s honey badger nickname is definitely. He’s a nice guy but can be an aggressive driver behind the wheel, especially when getting in tangles with other drivers. The 31-year-old has never backed down from a challenge in a decade of F1 experience. And the seasoned driver shows no sign of letting that change anytime soon. And, with Ricciardo, you know that a Shanghai 2018 magic moment is only ever around the corner. You cannot take your eyes off him.

#4. Honesty

While we certainly love the Aussie’s fun and competitive sides, the honesty shines through too. He has been open about homesickness as well as doubts. In a world where millions struggle with mental health this is refreshing. With sports stars like Ricciardo and boxer Tyson Fury showing that it’s normal, people can be more open about their own issues. If it supports just one person out of their dark days, it has to be a reason to appreciate the McLaren star.

#5. The History Maker

Most fans, casual and die-hard, are fixated on the Hamilton versus Sebastian Vettel rivalry. However, Ricciardo is a history maker in his own right. While he may never match Jack Brabham’s three world titles, he could become the most frequent GP winner. Ricciardo is halfway to that feat and will fancy his chances of increasing that when settled in the McLaren car. Will he be Australia’s #1? Possibly not, but it will be fascinating to see how things develop over the final years of his career.

Featured Image by Rebecca Lintz from Pixabay