Adria International Raceway

December 26, 2016
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  • Adria International Raceway

The Adria International Raceway is a modern motorsport venue located near the town of Adria in the Italian region of Veneto.

New and modern but not so exciting track

Opened in 2001, Adria International Raceway is one of the newest motorsport spots in Italy. In recent years it has become one of the most important centers when it comes to motorsport activities in Italy. This circuit, built on the very flat ground, is pretty short and tight. The track is not attractive at all, but still requires a good concentration and a certain amount of finesse when it comes to braking. Interestingly, the designers avoided chicanes and smooth curves with an explanation that they didn’t want to kill the taste and entertainment of the racing.

Adria International Raceway 2017 anmelden facebook race circuit Italy

Adria International Raceway layout

The length of the track is 2.702 km, the width is 12 – 14 m. The number of turns is 17 which is pretty large number considering the length. This layout is homologated to meet the FIA standards for the Formula 1 testing sessions. The first modification underwent in 2012 when the racetrack was made more suitable for the motorbikes. The layout could also be divided into two short courses and one of them could be artificially watered to simulate driving in wet conditions.

The first class paddock area

The racetrack can accommodate up to 32 cars in the short races and up to 50 cars in endurance racing. If the track is not the first class, facilities are the real gem. The covered paddock area is a unique facility. In the area of 8.000 square meters, the race transporters can be parked directly behind the pit boxes, providing an air-conditioned area ideal for work and to entertain guests.

Adria International Raceway paddock 2017 anmelden facebook race circuit Italy

Paddock area at Adria International Raceway

Over the years, Adria International Raceway hosted many top class motorsport championships, like FIA GT, DTM, European Formula 3 and many Italian championships. Today, circuit hosts mainly various national championships. Track days, driver training, manufacturer days, and general testing make up for the remainder of the season.

Adria International Raceway is also a perfect place for non-racing activities

In addition, Adria International Raceway has a complete structure to receive various non-racing events. That large space also allows holding of various events such as Italian Fencing Championship, various trade shows, in-line skating Italian Cup, Darts Grand Prix etc. Modern restaurants, hotels, halls and exhibition spaces of various sizes are available during the year.

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Part of the Adria INternational Raceway with VIP Tower

The VIP Tower is one of the most exclusive spaces at Adria International Raceway. A modern-designed tower of three floors plus terrace offers a 360-degree view of the entire circuit. This building is able to accommodate up to 100 people located in the lounges on three floors.

Beautiful kart venue

Adria International Raceway is also home to various school and is also home to the Motorbikes Driving school. In November of 2014, beautiful kart raceway was opened. This is a 1.302 m long CIK-FIA track, with wide escape routes. The venue also hosts night races and is opened for all enthusiasts.

Adria International Raceway kart track race smergoncino series free page video english map aufrufe

Kart circuit at Adria Raceway

Getting there and accommodation

The nearest international airport is Marco Polo in Venice, around 75 km to the north. The circuit could be easily found from the coastal road SS309, accessed directly from provincial route 45.

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Front gate at Adria International Raceway

The accommodation near the circuit could be easily found and smaller hotels are definitely the best option.

Video – Adria International raceway onboard

Address: Localita Smergoncino, 7, 45011 Cavanella Po, Adria RO, Italy
Phone: +39 0426 941411