Alberto Ascari went swimming in Monaco harbour in his last Formula One race

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Double Formula One champion Alberto Ascari, who died in a crash during practice at Monza circuit on May 26, 1955, had driven his last Formula One race four days before fatal accident. It was a Monaco Grand Prix and the race was remembered because of one of the most unusual crashes happened.

Ascari was driving V8-powered Lancia D50 and he started from 2nd position on the grid. He was battling against Mercedes’ drivers J.M. Fangio and Stirling Moss. In lap 80 the engine of Moss’ car blew up and Ascari became the new leader, but not for long.

He made a mistake at the chicane after the tunnel and crashed through the barrier into the harbour. Few seconds everyone’s breath stopped. Then the pale blue helmet appeared on the surface of the sea. Ascari was pulled into a boat and transferred to the hospital. He wasn’t a badly injured, just broke a nose. Ascari remained one of only two drivers in a history of Monaco Grand Prix, another was Paul Hawkins in 1965, to crash into the harbour.

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