Bold Predictions For the 2021 Formula One Season

May 15, 2021

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2021 has come in to try and lift up the hopes and spirits of all who lost them in 2020. Yes, 2020, was honestly a horrible year in many senses, mostly because of the COVID-19 pandemic but the show, and well in this case the races must go on.  With Formula one getting ready to perform the quickest turnaround to a season ever, the 2021 campaign has already the most intrigue attached to it for online betting fans’ delight.

With the beginning of 2021, it’s time for resolutions, hope, and excitement are built and raised as the best racing teams and drivers get ready for the upcoming season, one that is sure will bring many surprises to the racing game. So let’s talk about some predictions on what we could see happening in this upcoming Formula One season.

Red Bull Racing Winning the Constructors Title, Not A Longshot Idea

Yes, I know, it’s been a long time since the Red Bull Racing team has won the Formula One constructors title, 7 years to be exact. Not just that, it has also been 7 years in which Red Bull has had to see their rival Mercedes-AMG Petronas team take the title from them every single season. 2021 though feels like it can actually be the turn-around season for RBR. With their season finale win in Abu Dhabi, usually a Mercedes fortress, the win bodes well for a strong start from the beginning of the 2021 season. It’s notable that unlike other past years they will come into this new season without having to perform with a new car still trying to find the ins and outs to properly drive them. In 2021 RBR will be carrying over 60% of their car design and mechanics from last season, something that will benefit them greatly moving forward.

It should be fully expected from racing fanatics for RBR to be a huge thorn in Mercedes’ side from the get-go, with drivers Max Verstappen at the helm and newly acquired Sergio Perez giving them the experience needed to achieve the consistency they have longed for in a second car for years now. Seven years after winning their last constructors title, 2021 could perfectly be the year Red Bull Racing goes back on top.

Lewis Hamilton Establishing Himself As Top Dog Of F1

For most racing fans who love to bet online, wagering on Lewis Hamilton to take the gold in every podium is kind of a given, especially if you take into account his doings in 2020. Hamilton, who won the F1 title for the 7th time in his career, 4th in a row in 2020 also managed to break a heap of records too, including racing legend Michael Schumacher’s tally of 91 wins, with Hamilton now standing at 95 ahead of the start of the new season. The Mercedes driver also managed to beat the record for most wins for a single manufacturer with 74, a record also previously held by Schumacher.

With the record breaking season helping Hamilton claim a dominant 7th championship win, 2021 could see Hamilton move to the absolute top of the winning pyramid with his 8th title. Take into account that in 2020, even after missing one race he still won the title with a 124-point difference over second-place racer, teammate Valtteri Bottas, so all and all Lewis Hamilton should be an easy odds-on favorite for the title.

Renault and McLaren Shall Rise Again

It has been a long time coming for former powerhouse racing teams Renault, now Alpine F1 team, and Mclaren to finally retake their place as two of the top racing teams in Formula One. Alpine, who is coming off a finishing fifth in the constructors’ championship will see the return of former two-time champion Fernando Alonso, who will surely provide some much needed heavyweight experience and feedback to make the team that much better. Pairing a seasoned veteran like Alonso with Esteban Ocon who already showed flashes of genuine speed last season will surely propel Alpine back to the top.

Mclaren has all the chops to make a comeback to the main stage this year. After finishing third in last season’s constructor’s championship, beating out better-resourced teams like Renault and Racing Point (now Alpine and Aston Martin) they head into 2021 with momentum and with poise to make a strong mark in this new season. Losing Carlos Sainz Jr. could’ve hurt the team’s possibility at a stronger run but with the addition of Daniel Ricciardo who is coming of one of his strongest seasons ever and Lando Norris, Mclaren will end their eight-year winless drought with a new Grand Prix Win.


Featured Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash