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February 16, 2017
Marijan Malcevic

  • Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, South Carolina
  • Carolina Motorsports Park was opened in 1999

Carolina Motorsports Park, opened in 1999 and located in Kershaw, South Carolina, is a 2.2-mile long race track which is mostly in use for practice and testing rides, driver training and minor race competitions.

The idea of a racing facility near Kershaw was born in 1998, when a group of enthusiasts, led by Joe Hooker and Bob Humpreys, purchased a land where the former World War II fighter training center was. The construction works lasted for one year and the race track was opened in summer 1999.

Carolina Motorsports Park, 1999, track, open

Carolina Motorsports Park was opened in 1999

Professionals praise 14-turn race track

It was the 2.235-mile (3.597 km) long circuit with 14 turns and a possibility to be divided into two separate circuits which can be run simultaneously: 1.247-mile long East circuit and 0.988-mile long West circuit.

A design of the track was a work of famous South African designer Alan Wilson. Many professional racers praised track’s layout, saying that it allows drivers of all sorts to practice their skills and became the better with their performance.

Kart track, CMP, 2010, race

The Kart Track at CMP was added in 2010

The Kart Track was added in 2010

Beside race track, the Carolina Motorsports Park features all necessary facilities including an office building, timing tower, garages, fuel station and skid pad. The 0.7-mile karting track was added in 2010 and it became equally important as the main circuit.

The layout of the 14-turn circuit was slightly modified in 2007 when the Turn 12-13-14 complex gets a new shape. With that modification, the length of entire track increased for 0.44 miles to 2.279 miles.

Powerade Karting Championship, racing competition, CMP

Powerade Karting Championship is the main racing competition at CMP

24h of LeMons regularly visits Carolina Motorsports Park

The Carolina Motorsports Park is a purpose-built race track, with an original intention to be a testing facility for racing teams and car manufacturers, plus hosting TV stations and commercial filmings, track days, driver educations and law enforcement training. Of racing events, there were never some notable races, the main racing competition is the Powerade Karting Championship. From 2009 to 2016, Carolina Motorsports Park was regularly hosting the races of the 24 hours of LeMons.

In October 2014, owners of Carolina Motorsports Park announced that they are looking for new owner. The announcement is still at CMP’s official website, so if you are seeking for your own race track, there is your chance to buy one.

Video : A lap around Carolina Motorsports Park

Address: Carolina Motorsports Park, 3662 Kershaw Highway, PO Box 366, Kershaw, SC 29067

Phone: + 1 803 475 2448

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