Celebrities Who Are Also Avid Race Car Drivers

September 28, 2021

People are used to perceiving actors and other celebrities through their well-tailored images carefully created by producers and pr-managers. However, a picture you see on the screen may have nothing to do with reality. Thus, it’s not worth getting surprised that much finding out that famous people prefer some nonstandard and even dangerous hobbies like car racing. In general, the latter represents an improved version of usual car driving at high speed somewhere in the city when you also get an adrenaline rush on equal par with some other hormone release. This ‘cocktail’ serves as a hook that makes people do something repeatedly to evoke the same emotions. Thus, celebrities try their hand at car racing in front of the camera and cannot easily reject this activity later. In other words, they turn car racing into a lifetime adventure and a background for signing up new impressive advertising contracts.

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Rowan Atkinson

You might know him better as Mr. Bean since this iconic character has become his calling card. However, he is not just an incredible comedian but a serious race car driver. When he was not occupied with filming and participating in TV shows, he spent all his free time racing around tracks worldwide and writing for specialized magazines. One of the most spectacular moments was the Silverstone event back in 2010 when he drew his own Aston Martin race car. Four years later, he got in a serious accident while racing a vintage sprint car Ford Falcon, but fortunately, he didn’t have any serious injuries even though the car crashed. People who are not well familiar with his hobbies and activities behind his alter ego, Mr. Bean could hardly imagine him in the role of an advanced racer.

Tom Cruise

Well, the situation is a bit better with Tom Cruise since people are used to his ‘cool’ image and advanced skills in all spheres. This actor is an avid race driver who decided to share his passion with viewers, creating Days of Thunder many years ago. The latter was about stock car racing. He developed his love for this activity thanks to his friend, Paul Newman. However, one should say that even though he was passionate about racing, he didn’t stand out with good driving. The situation was so unfortunate that other drivers awarded him with the nickname ‘See Cruise Crash.’ His instructors claimed that the thing was that the actor showed too much aggression behind the wheel. However, the actor didn’t agree with the statement and claimed that dyslexia was the only thing to blame for his struggles. Whatever the true reason was, Tom was forced to quit racing because his employers (movie studios) refused to provide the insurance if he went on racing.

Frankie Muniz

When it comes to celebrities who adore racing, no list can do without Frankie Muniz. People were used to him as a cute kid who played Malcolm in The Middle and believed he would climb the career ladder. However, he has chosen horsepower over TV projects and starring in movies. One of his biggest strong sides as a race driver is his small stature. He stands at 5’5”, so he could easily fit in all possible race cars. Thus, it’s not surprising he has participated in a few racing series. One should highlight that it was not amateur competitions but formula racing as well. He entered the top 10 finish in the Formula Atlantic Championship that happened twelve years ago. In 2008, he won the Jovy Marcelo sportsmanship award. Today he has decided to get back on the filming track, so TV fans have high chances to see him in the upcoming shows and movies.

Patrick Dempsey

He is one of the most remarkable actors in the Grey’s Anatomy cast crew, so many viewers perceive him as a talented surgeon. However, this handsome man has many talents, one of which is racing. Frankly speaking, he might be the most gifted driver on the list, even though he is not famous for his driving skills. Nevertheless, he has managed to participate in the most famous races worldwide, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Petite Le Mans at Road Atlanta. Well, talking about his talents, one can mention that Dempsey was racing for Porsche, and as you might have guessed, not all celebrities can boast of such an experience. He is a real speed demon who participated in about sixty-eight races and won nine podiums. Even though he has quitted ‘professional’ racing, he still runs his Dempsey-Proton crew.