How to Save Money on Your Chevrolet Sleeper Car

September 1, 2021

Dream cars like Bugattis and Lamborghinis are super sporty, but they come with more baggage than regular whips. They’re pretty pricey, and their maintenance is not child’s play. What’s more, they’re horrible gas guzzlers. You’ll spend big money at the gas pump in a relatively short timeframe.

In contrast, a Chevrolet sleeper delivers considerable performance without any of the frills and extra costs associated with a flashy car. Sleeper cars are the lords of understatement in the automotive world. They offer high performance on the road despite their low profile. A Chevy sleeper, for example, has decent bodywork but on further inspection lies a vehicle that’s a beast on the road. So how can you save money on your Chevy? We’ve rounded a list of three main ways you can make cost savings on your Chevy sleeper.

Chevrolet Extended Warranty

When your basic bumper-to-bumper warranty expires after the three-year/36,000-mile limit, will you be able to cover the repair bills out of pocket? As a Chevy owner, a couple of trips to the mechanic is enough to create a dent in your pocket. And therefore, buying a Chevrolet extended warranty comes in handy when handling unforeseen repair expenses in the future.

An extended warranty tops the basic bumper-to-bumper warranty, which the dealership bundles with your new car. It offers an added insurance for up to five years or 60,000 miles.

There are two types of extended warranty plans:

  • Chevrolet Extended Limited Plan: It’s essentially an extension of the basic bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. It covers the same components but with an increased term duration of five years/60,000 miles.
  • Chevrolet Platinum Protection: It serves as additional bumper-to-bumper protection for over 1,000 components. These include the seals, transmission, video display screen, braking system, air conditioning, engine, and more. With a platinum protection plan, you get added perks such as:
  • Towing services
  • Rental car services
  • Lockout services
  • Trip interruption coverage

Car Maintenance Costs

Once you buy your Chevy, you will have to bear with car maintenance. Here are some ways to save money on your Chevy sleeper maintenance:

  • Keep It Clean: If you don’t want to pay more at the pump, avoid driving with clogged or dirty filters, including oil or air filters. Have them cleaned or replaced according to the schedule.
  • Optimal Tire Pressure: Driving with properly inflated car tires makes a significant difference to your Chevy’s fuel economy. Low tire pressure enlarges the contact surface area between the tire and the road, and that increases friction. As a result of increased friction, your car uses more fuel. Make sure your tires are inflated as per the manufacturer’s recommended levels if you want low consumption. And most importantly, you should always know when to replace your tires.
  • Drop the Weight: The heavier your Chevy, the greater its fuel thirst. So avoid keeping avoidable, weighty items in your vehicle. So do away with that spare tire that’s not in good condition, the child safety seat you hardly use nowadays, or even that rooftop carrier that you never use. Save extra bucks with stable fuel with a clean car boot.

Driving-related Tips

How you drive your Chevy sleeper car affects your overall cost savings. Here are some tips that you can apply in your everyday driving to help keep your vehicle in good shape.

  • Smooth Operator: Take it easy with your vehicle’s controls. You don’t want to be jumping on the gas at every green light and hitting the brakes now and then. Be smooth with the brake pedals and accelerator. Such aggressive driving impacts negatively on your Chevy’s fuel economy.
  • Cruise Control: Always try to maintain a constant speed while driving on highways. This is much more efficient compared to speeding up and slowing down constantly along the way. This is one of the biggest secrets to saving on fuel, especially if you’re driving long distances.
  • Longer idles: Letting your car idle in traffic for more than a minute is like throwing cash out of the window. An idling vehicle burns gas while being static. Ideally, you should switch off the engine. It takes less fuel to restart the engine compared to what is consumed while it’s idling.
  • Roll up your windows: Your sleeper’s fuel economy relies on its aerodynamics. Driving with open windows at high speeds affects fuel efficiency and drains your fuel tank a lot quicker. The increased air pressure behaves like a parachute and slows you down while consuming more energy than an air conditioner. So roll up your windows and turn on your air conditioner.

Bottom Line

A Chevy sleeper may not be the prettiest or flashiest looking, but it offers top performance on the road. They are a beast in sheep’s clothing.

Owning one doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to spend big money on repairs and fuel. While there’s nothing that you can do to turn your guzzler into a Toyota Corolla, there are driving habits that can limit your trips to the gas station. The tips mentioned above can help you achieve more cost savings. The trick is to be diligent and always adhere to the cost-saving methods that you’ve adopted to realize significant gains.