How to Surprise a Genuine Motorhead Man

April 16, 2021

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Whatever the occasion, from his birthday or your wedding anniversary, you want a gift to surprise your genuine motorhead man. Your choice of any of the gifts listed here will show that you appreciate his passion for cars and racing and at the same time shows your gratitude that this motorhead man is in your life.

Driving Experiences

Formula 1

Let him live his dream of being a Formula 1 hero, with an F1 driving experience. This is the perfect anniversary gift as you get to watch your other half in the cockpit of a single-seater race car which he can take to the track to go from zero to 100mph in under five seconds.


Full-day or half-day driving experiences are going to create a memory that will last forever. Gift an experience where your motorhead man can learn essential drifting techniques and test them out at a specially set circuit. An alternative would be an unforgettable competitive high-speed passenger lap alongside a seasoned instructor.

Car accessories

Every motorhead man will take good care of his motor and is likely to have a list of car parts they desire. However, unless he has dropped heavy hints, like leaving his favourite car magazine open at whatever car parts he would love to have, it is wiser to stick with car accessories.

A full car cleaning kit of his favourite brands will show your support of his hobby. As would a portable jump starter battery pack for use in emergencies when his standard battery charger is not plugged in and there is no second car able to get close to use jumper cables. Another idea is tailored stretch-fit indoor car covers that cling to the contours of the car providing protection from dust, UV rays and other potential damage.

Awesome car art

Track sculptures

A genuine motorhead man will not leave his passion outside the front door.  Help him celebrate by incorporating his interest in some interior design. You can gift a sculpture of his favourite racetrack that he can hang from a wall at home.  Hang three of these on a living room wall in homage to his parent’s or grandparent’s mid-century, middle-class suburban home with its trio of ceramic ducks. His perfect trio may be a Nürburgring, a Laguna Seca and a Tsukuba or perhaps just the Finnish Alastaro circuit and Circuit De La Sarthe.

Bespoke car print

Create a unique artwork that shows all the cars and bikes he has proudly owned over the years. Find original photos or if you are artistic, find out all the car models and colours and then add your own personalised message to make it extra special.


A rare or unusual piece of automobilia for his collection is sure to be appreciated. This could be a paperweight from their favourite car marque through to an alloy wheel from the legendary Ferrari F50. Scout online auction houses for other unusual products.

Scale Models

A quality 1:8 scale model of their favourite car, which is handcrafted and painted in meticulous detail will be appreciated as a fine work of art. This is the perfect last-minute gift as these can be dispatched immediately on ordering. The best models have been created with the assistance of the manufacturer regarding original finishes, materials, archive imagery and drawings. The use of digital scanning has allowed each little detail to be perfectly recreated to scale.

Car-related clothing

Any car man will be proud to wear genuinely cool clothing that helps him stand out in a crowd. There are motorsport-themed tees to cool caps that will appeal to most as long as you choose his favourite marque or racing driver. Some of the biggest brands in motorsport racing now also offer versatile, everyday styles whether gift is  a good driving shoe or quality leather gloves that will offer comfort on long drives.