Kazan Ring - Tilke's exciting creation you may have never heard of

February 12, 2017
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Kazan Ring, designed by the famous German circuit architect Hermann Tilke, is probably the most exciting autosport facility in the Russian Federation.

Opened in 2009, modernized a year later

This unusual racing venue is not much known around the world but has a potential of becoming the more important spot on the map of world’s motorsport. The construction of the track began in 2006 in the former sand quarry. The track was opened in 2009 but that was just a simple asphalt layout suitable only for testing, with no facilities and other things necessary for the proper and safe racing.

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View at pit and paddock area of Kazan Ring

That’s why further development was done in 2010. Pit and paddock facilities were built, safety barriers were erected and the circuit, which is also known as ’Canyon’, was graded with FIA 2 license, becoming suitable for various national and international competitions.

Pretty simple track with some elevation changes

The track is 3.476 km long and has 12 turns. The longest is straight is 832 m. It is relatively flat track as the elevation change is only 28 meters. Top speed recorded on the track is 230 km/h. Interestingly, the circuit has no grandstand but after being located in the ’hole’, all action could be seen from the surrounding elevations.

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Part of the Kazan Ring Circuit

The first races at the modernized Kazan Ring were held in 2011 and since then circuit hosts rounds of the major Russian cars and motorbikes competitions, like Russian Touring Car Championship or RSBK motorcycle championship, as well as drift series and many club racing events.

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Russian Touring Car Championship race at Kazan Ring

Kazan Ring is also available for the test and track days, various presentations and corporate events. Well-developed infrastructure and the availability of specialized equipment allows carrying out the activities over the year in any weather conditions.

Getting there

The track is located around 45 minutes drive from the Kazan International Airport and around 30 minutes drive from the city. Bus and train connection from the city of Kazan are available but they are far from perfect and better solution is to rent the car.

Kazan Ring Canyon на 2017 kazanring

Kazan Ring is also known as a Canyon

Address: Kazan Ring, Federal Highway M7, 817 km, 422700 Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 927 446 66 76
Website: kznring.ru

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