Knockhill Racing Circuit - Scotland's Motorsport Pride

August 11, 2016
Alexander S

  • Knockhill Racing Circuit

Knockhill Racing Circuit is Scotland’s only accredited FIA and MSA approved venue and at the same time one of the most popular among both drivers and fans in the United Kingdom.

Knockhill is a masterpiece of tenacious enthusiast

The motorsport circuit is located 10 km north of the town of Dunfermline, in Fife County. Knockhill has a relatively long history. The circuit was built mainly thanks to the local racing enthusiast Tom Kinnard. In 1972, he started building the circuit of his own, on his farmland, connecting old unused roads and railway. In the second half of 1974, the twisty 2.082 km long and 10m wide track with only nine turns was completely finished, offering some unusual and tricky turns, drops and climbs, varying by around 60m from highest to lowest point.

Knockhill Racing Circuit map/track layout

Map: Knockhill Racing Circuit track layout

Lap record time holder is Ryan Lewis who set the time 0:47.039 during British Formula 3 Championship event in 2005, driving a Dallara F305.

Opened in 1974, modernized during the 1980s

After its opening in 1974, the Knockhill circuit had many owners. Kinnard couldn’t run the business alone and he was forced to sell the venue. Over the years, the venue was developed and modernized. Finally, during the 1980s, it was established as one of the most prominent hosts of the various British racing championships for both cars and motorcycles.

Cars racing through the mud in Knockhill, black and white

Racing at Knockhill in its early days wasn’t easy

Plan of bringing F1 racing to Knockhill circuit was too ambitious

The owners had a plan to bring Formula 1 event at Knockhill, but the organization of the Scottish Grand Prix proved to be a big challenge that required major upgrading of the venue. However, the plan was never realized but the track was much safer. Garages with 40 places were built, as well the outbuildings like racing control tower, medical center, etc.

Chris Amon at Knockhill Racing Circuit, black and white

Chris Amon also raced at the Scotland’s only permanent racing track

An interesting fact is that since 1994, the races at Knockhill can go in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Many famous names, like Chris Amon, Jody Scheckter, Jenson Button, Dario Franchitti, David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber raced there at their beginnings while Damon Hill was a guest when he already was a superstar but his participation ended rather ingloriously.

BTCC and British Superbike races are the main events

Besides its main track, Knockhill also has an offroad track, go-kart track, and rallycross stage which makes it suitable for the various racing events. Besides major British racing series like BTCC, the os Scottish motorsport is also host to the British Superbike Championship and many less-known events like British Drift Championship or legend cars racing.

BTCC racing at Knockhill Racing circuit

BTCC at Knockhill Racing Circuit

Knockhill Circuit also offers many driving experiences in the various types of racing cars, as well the opportunity for teams to test their cars before or during the season. Karting racing is available to both children and adults. The venue also welcomes anyone who is interested in organizing Corporate Activity Days.

Surroundings and accommodation

The nearest international airport is in Edinburgh, about 30 minutes by car from the circuit. Road connections from all directions to the Circuit are good, which is why it is easy to figure everything out.
Nearby the venue you can find accommodation of various types, from camping sites, guest houses and cottages to the modern hotels in Dunfermline.

Superbike race at Knockhill

British Superbike is one of the top events

The crowd figures are not too big, around 10 thousand at most, and visitors are mainly the locals, but the atmosphere can be really joyous.

Video – Ferrari 458 onboard at Knockhill

Address: Dunfermline KY 12 9TF, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1383 723337


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