Lewis Hamilton to Join Ferrari in 2025

February 23, 2024

The Formula One season is nearly upon us and Lewis Hamilton’s shock move to Ferarri is the talk of the car racing world. Online crypto casinos have become a go-to for many car racing enthusiasts, capturing the attention of bettors in search of the best odds. Here, we explore the details of his plans and the potential reasons for his decision to leave Mercedes.

Is Lewis Hamilton Really Joining Ferrari?

Shortly after signing a two-year extension, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton made the surprising announcement that he would be terminating his contract early. Starting in 2025, Hamilton is set to embark on a new chapter with Ferrari, ending a long-standing partnership with Mercedes that saw their engines power his vehicle across 352 Grand Prix races.

In light of this news, former F1 driver Hans Joachim-Stuck has shared his insights, suggesting that Hamilton’s experience in Italy will be markedly different. At Mercedes, Hamilton enjoyed a level of authority that Stuck believes will be challenged at Ferrari, where competition is notably fiercer.

Joachim-Stuck further commented on the adjustment Hamilton must make in adapting to a more subordinate role within Scuderia Ferrari. This shift could prove challenging, given Hamilton’s strong personality. Moreover, Stuck noted that Hamilton might need to temper his expressions, given the Italian media’s keen attention to the happenings at Ferrari.

Why Would Lewis Hamilton Want to Leave Mercedes?

While it looks like Hamilton has nothing to earn from going to Ferrari, there are reasons why this might be a good move:

  • His era at Mercedes has ended: Every legend has their era, and that of the great Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes ended in 2021. The current era belongs to Max Verstappen and Red Bull, who have dominated 44 of the last 66 races. So, a change is necessary to shake things up
  • The trauma of Abu Dhabi 2021: No one can remain the same when their title is stripped from them and given to another in a controversial win. Lewis Hamilton’s current days at Mercedes are still overshadowed by being denied his eighth title in Abu Dhabi. This is also compounded by the fact that Mercedes didn’t immediately give him a car to make a comeback
  • Mercedes didn’t allow more than a two-year contract: The F1 driver is 39 this year, and after two winless years, there’s no telling that he is getting old. This means that the move from Mercedes might be their plan to cut him off in time. So, instead of waiting to be fired, Hamilton decided to go on his terms.

Who Would Take Over at Mercedes?

With Hamilton leaving in the future, this begs the question of who would take over. Toto Wolff, the team principal, has already expressed his belief that George Russell has all it takes to carry that mantle. Wolff believes that Russell has the potential to be a great team leader, especially with a good record of F2 and F3 titles.

Martin Brundle also has the same opinion, as he sees Russell as a young, energetic talent. With Hamilton leaving the picture, Brundle believes it’ll be prime time for Russell to build the team around himself.