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Misano World Circuit is relatively small racing venue but through the decades had many upgrades and renovations. It is located in the Province of Rimini, in the administrative region Emilia-Romagna, the center of automobile companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, De Tomaso and Ducati.

Humble beginning of the track near Rimini

Circuit near the Adriatic Sea was designed in 1969, a year later ground was broken for construction and in 1972, the venue was ready for opening. Originally, the length of the track was 3.488 km and had very small open-pit area and a tiny building for offices. The track was known mainly as the host of the various top motorcycling series and minor cars racing competitions.

Misano Circuit San Marino Grand Prix Rimini

Misano World Circuit near Rimini in Italy hosts San Marino Grand Prix

Major upgrades

The first upgrade of the track had happened in 1993 when the length was increased to 4.060 km. That allowed that circuit could be used in two configurations, shorter and longer. In the same time, additional facilities, like press room and new garages, also were built. Next step of the track’s modernization was made from 1996 to 1998 when the main building and pits were finished while paddock area was extended. Finally, in 2001, the first set of stands, with a capacity of 5.000 seats, was erected.

Misano Circuit Mainstand Rimini

Stands at Misano World Circuit

But, that was just a phase in the preparations for the further development of Misano Circuit which saw the new main entrance and a medical center built to meet new safety measures. At the end, in 2006 venue got a permit to start a construction of new, modern and safer track, but keeping the most of its unique and unusual design.

Nowadays, Misano World Circuit hosts both San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix and Superbike World Championship race, but also hosts rounds of Blancpain GT Series, Formula Renault and various national racing events.

Misano World Circuit San Marino Marco Simoncelli track layout

Map: Misano World Circuit – Marco Simoncelli

New name for the new venue

After only five months, new 4.226 km long with only 11 turns clockwise run track was finished. The stands capacity was increased to 26000 seats on the Grandstands while the total capacity of the circuit is 75.000. Pressroom was also modernized and expanded to accommodate 320 journalists. The venue which was originally called Circuito Internazionale Santa Monica. also got a new name – Misano World Circuit but, sadly, that wasn’t the last renaming of the circuit.

Misano World Circuit hotel home marco simoncelli san marino rimini motogp hotels

Modernization of Misano World Circuit

New name – Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

Last modifications on the circuit were made in 2011. The medical centre, which always been a pride of the venue, was transformed into the health centre open to the public. The other modification was a photovoltaic system on the top of the stands which produces over 450 kW of electrical energy for the venue. In November same year, the circuit again was renamed to Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, after the Italian motorcycle rider who died during the race in Malaysia a week earlier.

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli hotels riviera adriatico hotel

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

Interestingly, Misano World Circuit is one of only two racing venues in the world which entire area of four square kilometres is completely covered with Wi-Fi thanks to Cisco technologies.

Tragic moments at Misano World Circuit – Marco Simoncelli

Misano World Circuit also has an inglorious history of accidents. In 1993, reigning World champion Wayne Rainey ended his career after falling down from his bike and broke his spine. In 2010, Japanese biker Shoya Tomizawa was killed after losing control and being struck by other motorbikes. That happened on the same date on which Rainey had a career-ending accident at Misano.

Video – Lap around Misano World Circuit

Address: Via Daijiro Kato, 10, 47843 Misano Adriatico RN, Italy

Phone: +39 0541 618511

Website: misanocircuit.com

Photo: dolomiteclub.it racingcircuits.info

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