Motorsports 101 For Beginners

January 5, 2022

Motor racing is an incredibly exciting sport that enthralls millions of fans the world over. They know the sport inside out and can spot Michelin tires from Dunlop and tell you the latest vehicles to the sport and what makes them the best. There is no end to the knowledge of a motorsport enthusiast. However, for some, it remains a slightly unknown quantity, for those who are not so well informed but want to get their head around the sport here is a must-read guide to the types of motorsports entertaining fans around the world.

Formula racing

When it comes to motor racing Formula One is probably the biggest household name. It is a truly international sport that sees high-speed, exciting races take place on the world’s most prestigious race tracks. Not to mention the long list of infamous Formula One drivers who have helped propel the sports notoriety. Formula racing is a single-seater, open-wheel circuit race that sees the vehicle’s wheels located outside of the vehicle. Formula One and Formula E cars are custom built with cutting-edge technology and a price tag to match.

Stock car racing

Stock car racing enjoys great popularity in the United States and attracts millions of dedicated fans. Conversely, to Formula One cars stock car vehicles are production cars that have been adapted and customized for the race. Stock car racing takes place on an oval circuit track and racers will often circle the track 16 to 20 times depending on the race.


Rallying differs from the previous races as it does not take place on a purpose-built track or circuit. Rallying takes place on closed public roads or off-road terrain and can include all weather conditions. Rally races seldom involve the circling of a track but run from point to point. Similar to stock car racing rally cars are typically adapted and customized production cars.

Drag car racing

Drag car racing differs again from the previous races in that it is a basic straight line race that takes place on streets or tracks. This type of racing will involve the racing stunt known as dragging, essentially a contest of acceleration. Typically drag racing is fast and loud and will see two cars pitted against each other to determine who can cover the short distance in the quickest time. Drag racers typically race over 200 or 400 meters and can use purposely built cars or customized production vehicles.

Tour car racing

Tour car racing enjoys the most popularity it the UK, Europe and Australia and shares some similarities with stock car racing. Tour cars are generally heavily modified road cars such as sedens or hatchbacks that have been customized and adapted for the purposes of racing. Unlike Formula racing the cars do not require a high level of technical input. Touring races typically take place on road courses or street circuits and as with most races the aim is to be the first car to complete the set number of laps.