Motorsports Betting in the US Compared to the UK: Rules and Strategies

October 19, 2021

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The popularity of motorsports has been rising worldwide, but the US and UK have bigger markets, and they get lots of attention. Now you can bet on sports from an online casino site from anywhere in the world. Almost every competitive sport is represented these days, so you can place bets on football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby, athletics, American football, and many more games.

The Betting Business in the UK Compared to the US

The UK is one of the countries in the world where sports gambling is legal and regulated, mainly by the UK Gambling Commission. Any casino site worth its salt will have a license and terms that they adhere to at the site’s homepage. Before registering at any fast payout online casino uk site, they confirm that you are the legal age to gamble. Many of the betting sites in the UK have fast casino payouts to attract players and several payment methods that are meant to cater to everyone.

In the UK, football is a staple that reportedly rakes in over £1 billion in bet revenue each year. Horse racing is the next most popular sport here, followed by Snooker, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis, and Golf in that order. Motorsports betting picks up somewhere, and it is made bigger by the increasing annual events.

Formula One is the best-known motor race. There are 20 races usually held between March and November in various parts of the world. The Grand Prix events are some of the most luxurious in the world, attracting thousands of celebrities globally. Betting on F1 is not merely on the driver but also the brand of car they drive. Mercedes Benz has dominated the scene for a long time, but recently it has been getting fierce competition from Ferrari.

Sports betting in the US was illegal for the longest time in all states except Nevada. The 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) made it impossible for residents to place bets on any sport. NASCAR and IndyCar are the biggest motorsports events in the US. IndyCar is the equivalent of Formula 1 in the US, and the cars that participate are from Honda and Chevrolet. The season for NASCAR starts in February all through November, during which time a lot happens. Since this is the longest race in motorsports, its viewers are treated to lots of action. This is the ideal time for winning the jackpot too, as there is so much material to rely on if you are keen on the events.

You can bet on these events when the season starts because it becomes very competitive. The results are based on what’s happening on the field, and so you want to read up on a driver’s experience, their history, and the brand they are driving. The team is just as important as the driver as they ensure pitstops are as short as they should be and the driver has an easy time.

Tips and Tricks to Make Money via Betting

The rules and strategies in motorsport betting differ from country to country, but here are constant tricks that could give you a leg up.

Read up on the Participants

The drivers of these cars are always experienced and expected to do great, but they can only work as hard as the car they drive. For this reason, you want to read up on the brand, its performance, any improvements the manufacturer has made in the recent past that could give them an edge, and any other thing that makes the race better for them. You then want to read up on the brand and its drivers to see how they fared in the past. Historical data will help you make good choices before choosing a team to bet on.

Check the Odds

Sites dedicated to giving the odds of an event will be handy when making a decision. This is because the writers and analysts on that page have gone through the participant’s history and factored in all the components of the event that could lead to a win or loss.

In the United States, for example, betting on college sports is very famous as there are hundreds of fans all rooting for their local teams. Basketball, for instance, is very popular and following recommendations from handicappers like Doc’s basketball handicapping tips will help you focus on results and actually profit from it.

Know your Favorites

Sports drivers hardly change through the seasons, so all you have to do is know your favorites. The terrains they work with change with almost every event, so it helps to know where they are at their strongest before placing a bet. Where you can, follow betting sites where odds are given for free to know which team to bet for if you are unsure. Motorsport betting is quite competitive because the returns are reasonably good. What’s more? You can join a fantasy team online.