NASCAR Racing: Types of Bets And Tips for Beginners 

May 22, 2023

NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States, especially in the Southern part of the country. Today, millions of people follow NASCAR from all across the globe, and betting on races has become popular.

If you are an avid gambler, you can easily start betting on NASCAR, as they have races almost every weekend. Learning how to bet on NASCAR is absolutely crucial so that you can have a winning outcome. Most sportsbooks offer all the information you need so you can start betting on all types of events. In this article, we will explore some quick strategies and types of bets that you can make.

How to Bet on NASCAR?

As a beginner, it is important that you explore and do your research on the NASCAR betting markets. The bets are often placed before the races, so simply head to the sportsbook of your choice. Keep in mind that NASCAR races take place over a series of stages that ultimately lead to the NASCAR Cup final.

As a gambler, you can choose whether you want to wager on single events or the outcome of the entire race. You will also have an opportunity to bet on other popular events during the racing season, such as Xfinity Series, Truck Series, Cup Series, and so on.

NASCAR betting is much different from casino gambling, like Poker, Roulettes, Blackjack, Slot Machines, etc. However, if you love taking risks and casinos, get darmowa kasa za rejestrację bez depozytu at Polski Sloty, and win big!

Different Types of NASCAR Bets

Understanding the different types of NASCAR bets is important as it can improve your winning outcome. By making several small bets, you can have an advantage over the profit you walk away with. Here are the types of NASCAR Bets you should know before you get started.

Race Winner

The most basic form of NASCAR betting is choosing the race winner of a particular event. In NASCAR, you have outright winner odds where you can win big money. However, with so many gambling running for their favorites, it is not always easy finding the winner. Here is an example of the betting odds of any race:

Driver Odds
Denny Hamilton +550
Kyle Larson +650
Martin Truex +750
Tyler Reddick +1,000
Kyle Busch +1,200


The odds of this betting are dependent on the form of the driver and the track history. So make sure that you analyze everything and make an informed decision.


Head-to-head betting markets are quite common amongst sportsbooks as they rally two drivers, and you choose which one will finish first. The odds for this type of betting are not huge as it will have a favorite to reach first and the opponent with a slight minus favorite. Here is an example of head-to-head bettings odds:

Driver Odds
Denny Hamilton -130
Joey Logano +100


The best way to take advantage of this betting is to find the best driver among the two and place your bet. The odds are based on their past success and current accomplishments on the track. Always remember to read their pass stats and learn more about it.

Finish Props

Now if you are looking to bet on a driver who you think will finish in the top 3, 5, or 10, then finish props can be a great option for you. The driver does not necessarily have to win the race but finish in your top selection. Here is an example of finish prop odds:

Driver Top 3 Top 5 Top 10
Denny Hamilton +180 +120 -300
Brad Keselowski +1200 +175 +150
Tyler Riddick +250 +125 -190
William Byron +300 +550 -160
Kyle Larson +180 -120 -300


It is a safer bet compared to podium bets as they have smaller payouts and less risk because of the range of drives to select from. You can even try wagering on underdogs in this type of betting as it could help you win easy money.

Podium Finish

NASCAR is a highly competitive sport, so you must factor in several drivers at once. A podium finish is choosing a driver who will finish in the top 3 than an outright winner.

The podium finish will usually have +200 odds for the favorites and it is a safer option. It will give you a more realistic shot to win your wager as you will have better odds. Make sure to do your research on the drivers you choose to get the best outcome.

Fasting Lap

As the name suggests, you bet on the driver who will finish the lap the fastest. The fastest lap is one of the biggest talking points at any given race and sportsbooks have taken advantage of that.

Today you will find several gamblers betting on drivers who have the highest chances of claiming the fasting lap. There is a lot of information out there where you can explore and find drivers with incredible test runs on different tracks. The NASCAR official site is an excellent place to get all the latest news about the sport and upcoming events.

Things to Remember Before You Place Your Bets

Now that you have understood the different types of bets you can place during the races. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the type of race
  2. Look at the driver’s history
  3. Follow qualifying results
  4. Consider drivers form
  5. Don’t forget the weather
  6. Review the team and equipment
  7. Be patient

Betting on drivers is not easy, as many variables come into play. But by carefully reviewing each of them, you can potentially make winning bets. You will also find several tools and resources that are available online which can help you narrow down your options.

This guide on NASCAR racing can help you focus on what works best for you. Remember reach race is different so what you did the previous weekend may not necessarily help you the following race. Do your research and stay up to date with the latest developments so you can make good money.

Are You Ready to Start Betting?

NASCAR is an explace to place your bets as many sports enthusiasts are winning big money regularly. Choosing the right type of bet is crucial as it can cause a dent in your wallet. The best way to maximize your winnings is to start will smaller wagers and gradually increase your bets.

When you are absolutely certain about your research, then place bets on the higher odds to get the best outcome of the race. If you want to learn about F1 racing and how you can place bets in those categories, read this guide here.