Porsche Supercup Spa - race 2

It was a perfect day for race two of Porsche Supercup at the fantastic Spa track in Belgium. After the interesting first race and victory by Porsche Junior Sven Muller it was going to be a tough battle between him and Eng for the first place. And let’s not forget all the other great drivers on the grid including two celebrity racers, Sebastian Loeb and Patrick Dempsey who proved that they are capable of running with Porsche experts in the Supercup.


In the first laps of yesterday’s race, Michael Ammermuller had a big crash, which forced him to retire. By the footage of the crash it was obvious that he lost his steering or car couldn’t turn and hit tire barriers with speed and rolled. Fortunately, Ammermuller was not hurt but his car was badly damaged. It looked like this racing weekend was over for him. However, with the great effort from his team and help from other teams, his 991 GT3 Cup was repaired with crew working all night until the morning! This was a perfect example of solidarity and friendship between Supercup teams and everybody should be genuinely proud of this achievement. Porsche Motorsport department had an important role in this action supplying the needed parts during the night. The damage was extensive and roof, engine mounts, suspension, bodywork, roll cage and lots of other parts were repaired. But, by the 8 o’clock this morning, Ammermuller’s Porsche looked as nothing has happened.



The race two started 11:45 CET with Muller and Eng in the first row. The start was clean and Eng managed to get in front, but Muller was just behind applying pressure from the first turn. However, in turn 3 Come Ledogar and Matteo Cairoli had contact causing Ledogar’s car to hit the barrier and retire. Moments after, Loeb’s car stalled and safety car was on the track after just few moments of racing. When safety car went of track, drivers restarted in full force. Approaching the corner, Jaap van Lagen made a strange move going on the right side of the track and hit Robert Lucas from the right side. Van Lagen is an experienced racer but this move was pretty amateur and caused Lucas quit the race earning himself a drive-trough penalty so his sixth position in the race was irrelevant.


The front 10 drivers with Eng in the lead and Muller very close behind were all in the same section of the track driving bumper to bumper in a very exciting race. Ammermuller on 5th place was slow and reserved and was passed by two drivers and attacked by Alex Riberas who managed to pass him but lost his lead running wide and losing his speed. Christian Zochling was on fourth place and behind Christian Engelhart applying pressure on him and flashing his lights. Swiss driver, Jeffrey Schmidt was on fifth just waiting for his chance to pass Zochling or Engelhart. Entering the final lap, driver standings were unchanged. Eng on first with Muller behind who didn’t really had a chance to attack Austrian ace because Eng’s defence was so good. Impressive driving by Eng but all other top 6 drivers were on top of their game in one of best races of 2015 season. For full results, click HERE:

Photo &ampvideo: racecam.de, youtube.com

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