Sports Minister of Indonesia pushing for Haryanto in F1

December 20, 2015
Djordje Sugaris

A seat for F1 Manor is smiling upon Rio Haryanto as sports minister of his country Imam Nahrawi continues pushing for him. After a successful test for Manor in Abu-Dhabi at the beginning of the month, Nahrawi has continued lobbying Indonesian government and local businessmen to stand behind Haryanto. Rio Haryanto spent his last four years driving in Formula 1 support series GP2 and this year, he scored three victories and finished fourth, driving for Campos.


The goal is to come up with €15 million, and Jakarta Post report claims that one-third of the funding has been secured thanks to sponsorship from state-owned oil company Pertamina. However, that still leaves Nahrawi and Haryanto with €10 million, hence the lobbying continues.


I need to find a perfect formula for Rio’s financial support to meet Manor team’s requirements,” Nahrawi said. “We’ve got businessmen like Aksa Mahmud and Adiguna Sutowo. I really hope they can help Rio.” said minister Nahrawi the recent Indonesian Motorsports Indonesia (IMI) meeting.



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