The Most Educated Formula 1 Racers

October 15, 2021

The daredevil Formula 1 drivers are experienced on the wheel and they understand well the risks of racing in a superfast aerodynamic car. Regardless of the dangers, these drivers have chosen Formula 1 racing as their career and they know nothing else.

What drove these drivers to car racing might vary, but the desire to achieve more might be the main motivation. People cheer them as they compete and celebrate them as they receive the cup, but no one dares ask if they joined racing after high school or after university.

Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Moss did not join Formula 1 racing and a graduate. Born in 1929 in London, UK, he grew up to become one of the most famous Formula 1 drivers in the British world and beyond. Although Moss never won any world championship title, he made a big difference back home by winning over 200 times in his entire racing life.

His star didn’t just shine in the car racing world but also in academics. He was a qualified drama teacher from Sunderland college of education. In early 2000, the same university awarded him an honorary doctorate of technology. In April 2020, the media headlines were filled with the sad news that Sir Stirling Moss had passed away. He will remain a legend in the Formula 1 racing world.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg’s journey in Formula 1 racing was never easy. From the time he was young, he depended on various educational programs to help him make it in life. He could not join racing because he didn’t have the skills yet, but after he was offered several racing programs, he proved himself worthy and didn’t stop pursuing his ambitions.

Through much effort, he rose through Formula 1 racing ranks to become the most competitive driver. Nico did not give up his ambitions for education and when an offer was presented to him, he took it. He joined the Imperial College London and graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering, which made him rise to the ranks of the most educated Formula 1 driver.

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Photo by Quentin Tricoire from Pexels

Jonathan Palmer

Before Jonathan Palmer joined F1 racing, he first gained fame while in F2. He is recognized as one of the most incredible drivers with an amazing experience. Some of his colleagues and fans believe his kind of experience cannot be gained in college.

What might surprise you is the fact that Jonathan Palmer is not only an experienced driver, but he is also a doctor by profession. He graduated as a doctor but chose racing as his career. The discipline he learned in college might have helped him learn racing discipline fast.

Jenson Button

Jenson learned his driving skills under the McLaren program that has helped many drivers, some of whom are in Formula 1 like Jenson. The techniques he learned have helped him rise in the racing ranks to become a top Formula 1 driver. He also rose through the ranks of education and graduated with a degree in medicinal chemistry from the University of Washington.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton started racing when he was young and uneducated. Through much effort, he became highly competitive and his name became like a household name in Formula 1 racing. Lewis Hamilton realized the importance of education to help improve his career.

He joined Cambridge College of Arts and Sciences and graduated. Although he says he doesn’t have plans to advance his education, his first degree was a big achievement for him. It was initially hard for him to balance education and racing, but discipline helped him make it nicely.


Formula 1 racing competitions have had a significant impact on the economies of nations and the world at large. The drivers, too, have benefitted economically, socially, and mentally. They are celebrated in their countries and honored globally. What the people care less is about their education. Surprisingly, many Formula 1 drivers are educated. Many have graduated with undergraduate degrees and a few have advanced to master’s and doctorate degrees.

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