The Very Best Online Games For Petrol Heads

January 26, 2023

For lovers of cars, vehicles are generally on the mind. In the same way that soccer fans are extremely passionate about the beautiful game, petrol heads regularly get involved in car-based debates, they watch television shows like Top Gear, follow the big Formula 1 races, and even play car-themed mobile games during some downtime.

In fact, in the modern world, mobile gaming is extremely popular. As such, petrol heads have a convenient gaming option that can be accessed as and when it suits them. Thankfully, there are some excellent racing games that are worth dedicating some time and attention to, particularly if you’re in need of a fun and entertaining game for your smartphone device. After all, the diverse collection of car games makes it an appealing category of gaming for people. Most titles give players the privilege of burning rubber on roads that are otherwise inaccessible to them, while other products might enable someone to manage an F1 team. The options are extensive. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

CSR Racing 2

Available for download on Android and iOS smartphones, CSR Racing 2 has been lauded for its realistic offering in recent times. Offering next-gen graphics that showcase just how far smartphone gaming has come, the game is a joy to play. Players can drive an array of superb cars as they aim to master a selection of testing tracks. Additionally, you can team up with friends to see off rival crews of players, upgrade cars and a variety of features, such as tune gear ratios and tire pressure, and race your way to glory in vehicles made by the likes of Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Bugatti.

Need For Speed No Limits

The Need For Speed series of games has been popular since their inception, but Need For Speed No Limits is probably the best of the lot. Published by Electronic Arts, this particular option is a go-to favourite for many mobile gamers in need of a car-themed release, with the game’s racing events particularly appealing to gamers. As well as enjoying a Team Battle and Nitro Rush, players can unlock an extensive selection of luxury cars as they aim to race their way to the very top of the pile.

Highway Kings

Although online casino games don’t appeal to all mobile gamers, there is evidently a strong appetite for them overall given their evident growth in the modern world. A popular slot game product at the moment is Highway Kings, a five-reel online slot, with nine paylines, plenty of horsepower, and a 10,000x jackpot to play for. With a number of car-themed symbols to find, such as spark plugs and pistons, this entertaining casino product is simple to grasp and extremely fun to session for a few hours. Given the potential RTP of 97.06%, you might even have a successful gaming experience, too, although nothing is ever guaranteed.

Turbo Driving Racing 3D

If performing eye-catching stunts is more your bag, then Turbo Driving Racing 3D could be the game for you. Only accessible on android phones, the game tasks players with pulling off a number of stunts as they progress through the levels collecting cash, hitting high speeds, and performing an array of stunts as gamers race through a number of different towns. While Turbo Driving Racing 3D isn’t as realistic as some of the other titles on the list, it’s still incredibly fun to sample, especially if you’re keen on executing some familiar stunts.

Other games to try include Rebel Racing, CarX Highway Racing, Mario Kart Tour, Asphalt 9: Legends, GRID Autosport, and Trials Frontier.