Top Real-Time Transcription Tools for Formula 1

May 9, 2022

Formula 1 is the most popular car racing in the world. For this, it received the unofficial title of “Queen of Motorsport”. That is the highest class of ring racing on open-wheel cars. The first races began in 1948, and the first Grand Prix scoring championship was held in 1948. Today, Formula 1 is recognized as the best series in the world of motorsport, with the largest budget and the number of fans. This is not only a bright show but also a testing ground where manufacturers apply and hone their ideas by introducing them into mass production.

Formula 1 and Its History

The history of the most important auto race in the world originated in the 20s of the twentieth century. At the dawn of racing, only 20% of the starters reached the finish line. Then the European Championship was organized, which took place in the format of several Grand Prix. In the 30s, the rules of the world championship were formulated, in which the “Silver Arrows” unconditionally dominated. Further development was hampered by the advent of World War II.

In 1946, the renewed FIA developed a set of rules for the competition, which was called Formula-A. They began to operate in 1947 when individual Grand Prix started. The championship was finally formed in the 50th year, individual stages began to be recorded in the protocol, as a result of which the winner was determined. The first such Grand-Prix was held at the famous British circuit Silverstone.

The early history of Formula 1 in the 1950s and 1960s was more like a competition between enthusiasts and automakers. Aluminum cockpits, thin tires, and powerful engines didn’t contribute to safety. But by the end of the 60s, the designers came up with the idea of ​​​​using anti-wings and a mid-engine layout for cars, which made them faster, more stable, and more reliable. The cars became aerodynamic, advertising appeared on them, and Formula 1 finally became commercial. In the 70s, Formula 1 came with modern technologies for that time, not limited by the regulations. Unique gas turbine engines were tested.

In the 80s, the era of 3-liter, 12-cylinder in-line turbocharged cars with over 1000 horsepower began. Supercharged engines began to be used in large quantities. In the 90s, the Formula 1 series developed into a worldwide show with regular television broadcasts. In the 2000s, everything was done to improve the safety of pilots and spectators. According to the regulations, the cars began to be equipped with 1.6-liter V-shaped six-cylinder units with a supercharger, which are more economical than previous engines.

Audio Transcription for Formula 1: Features and Difficulties

Everything about Formula 1 involves high speed. This also applies to live online transcription, which is usually performed by high-quality automated transcription software. It must be done with maximum speed. Another difficulty with real-time transcription for Formula 1 relates to accuracy. After all, not every speech recognition software can cope with transcribing special terminology at a high-quality level. And the third difficulty of live transcription for Formula 1 is the price. While many useful transcription tools can be found online, most of them are quite expensive to use.

Useful Tools for Formula 1 Live Transcription

Below is a list of the best and most effective F1 transcription tools that can be used for transcription. Each of them has a high speed and accuracy of audio to text transcription and is available for a reasonable price online. Carefully study the characteristics of each transcription service and choose one of the few most suitable for you.


High-quality transcription services for Formula 1 are provided by the website. It differs from other online transcription tools in that it offers a wide range of unique services and allows everyone to receive both high-quality human and automated transcripts. As for human transcription, its accuracy reaches 99%. But at the same time, it is a little more expensive than automated. Professional human transcription service costs $1.25 per minute and automated transcription service – $0.25 per minute.

Regardless of the type of transcription ordered, customers receive high-precision decoding in the shortest possible time. Thanks to this, the service is very popular today.


OTranscribe is a reliable online transcription tool that provides users with a comfortable environment for creating a written version of the audio. There is no inconvenience in switching between Word and Aimp since the playback of the audio recording and the text editing area are in the same browser window. The most popular audio track formats, including WAV and MP3, are supported.

Audio playback is controlled using hotkeys. Thus, you can rewind, stop, and start playback without taking your hands off the keyboard and without switching between programs. This is especially appreciated by those who have touch typing skills. The playback speed is also adjustable. Basic text formatting features are included. Recordings are saved every second. The finished transcript can be downloaded in txt format to your computer or to cloud storage on Google Drive.

The advantage of OTranscribe is that it is a completely free transcription solution. The tool is available as a web service, as well as an extension for Google Chrome. However, the transcription accuracy is approximately 80%, which requires editing after receiving the written version of the audio.

Express Scribe

This is another live transcription tool that deserves your attention. It is completely free to use. Express Scribe may slow down audio files while keeping the sound pitch constant. In addition, it provides users with playback shortcuts that cannot be used from a text editor. This helpful software is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Using the Express Scribe transcription tool is quite simple. The program allows you to configure hotkeys to control its functions from other applications. A useful tool you can use for decryption is the ability to add a timestamp to the word processor. This feature is extremely useful for those who record F1, films, interviews, etc.

For professional transcribers, some more advanced features are provided, such as support for a professional pedal, and the ability to dock analog and digital portable recording. Playback of Formula 1 files (with additional plug-ins) and integration with speech recognition software are also available. The full list of unique features can be seen on the developer’s website.


InqScribe is a very powerful transcription tool that allows you to quickly play audio and video recordings and get the finished transcription in the same window. The tool is compatible with all modern media players. It can play audio and video from a flash drive, hard drive, CD, server, and URL. You can easily control playback using custom shortcuts.

The program supports the following file formats: XML, HTML, STL, Final Cut Pro XML, Subrip, WebVTT, etc. The purchase price of InqScribe is $ 99.


This is a helpful speech recognition software that allows users to receive high-quality transcripts in more than 90 different languages. It is available in several versions. The free version Braina Lite includes features such as English voice commands, voice and video playback, text-to-speech conversion, searching for information on the Internet, etc.

As for the cost of the Braina PRO version (1 year), it is available not only for big organizations but also for individuals and is only $ 49 per year. This version makes the following functions available to the user: voice music player control, custom voice commands, AI-based voice recognition, etc.

The Braina PRO Lifetime version offers users all the same features as the Braina PRO (1 year). However, it also provides an opportunity to buy a lifetime license. The price of this version of the program is 139 dollars.

Amazon Transcribe

It is an automatic speech recognition service based on deep learning. It is appreciated by developers who need to add text to their applications. It is also used to transcribe audio and video files, including creating detailed Formula 1 transcripts.

The built-in API is easy to use and provides a fast transfer of transcripts from files stored in Amazon S3. It also includes a timestamp for each word, as well as the ability to customize the dictionary to add any new words or abbreviations that might not be there. Amazon Transcribe is free for up to 60 minutes per month for one year, after which the price is $0.0004 per second.

Final Remarks on Choosing the Best Real-Time Transcription Tools for Formula 1

As we can see, many useful tools can be used today to create real-time transcriptions for Formula 1. Some of them are paid, others are free. Some have more benefits and unique features while others have much less. Therefore, the choice of a transcription service should be taken responsibly.

Transcriberry compares favorably with others as it offers both human and automated transcription services at reasonable prices. The quality of transcripts is always the highest, the speed and accuracy of decryption please every client. By contacting there, be sure that you will receive reliable, high-quality, and safe speech-to-text transcriptions and all your requirements will be met.

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