How Close are Virtual Racing Applications to the Real Thing

September 23, 2020

Due in no small part to the recent health situation, motorsports and their associated competitions have been largely curtailed for the moment. So, the chances are high that we might not be able to head to the racetrack in the near future. This is still no reason to hang our heads in contempt. Thanks to the variety of smartphone applications, it is now possible to enjoy the white-knuckle excitement of your favourite racing event from the comfort of the living room. One of the reasons why these apps have become increasingly popular involves the role of advanced programming. What factors have led to such a revolution?

The Role of Machine Learning and AI

Anyone who was a child in the 1980s and 1990s can remember popular racing games such as Pole Position and Rad Racer. While quite fun for their time, they fell very short of the mark in terms of realism. Another issue which tended to plague die-hard fans was that the games were quite predictable. Of course, platforms such as Nintendo and SEGA were essentially crippled by their 32- and 64-bit limitations. We have come quite a long way since these halcyon days.

Modern smartphone applications are able to leverage the power of megabytes (or even gigabytes) of memory. Furthermore, a growing number are now beginning to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning. What does this signify for the average racing fan?

First and foremost, the gameplay itself is becoming much more challenging and intricate. Levels of difficulty are often based upon the skills of the player and even computer-generated opponents are exhibiting a “smart” edge that makes their movements difficult to predict. When we combine these amenities with extremely detailed scenery and three-dimensional interactions, there is no doubt that racing games are in a league of their own.

The Power of the Phones Themselves

To be sure, racing games are not the only platforms which have advanced at a breakneck pace (take a look here to learn about the online casino industry is continuing to evolve). While the developers themselves deserve their fair share of credit, we should mention that the amazing advancements outlined within the previous section would not be feasible without the presence of modern smartphones.

Extremely advanced processors such as the A14 and A15 chipsets have ushered in an entirely new era of smart gaming. As phones are now capable of storing data on the order of gigabytes, even highly complex games can be accessed in a matter of seconds without sacrificing the performance of the device in question. Finally, larger display screens signify that more intricate gameplay has become a reality. These are some of the reasons why racing games are set to take pole position in terms of their popularity within the online community.

Will we see even more advanced platforms emerge in the coming years? Assuming that the past is indicative of the future, there is no doubt that racing fans will be amazed at what could exist around the next turn.