What is Apple CarPlay and why should you have it in your car?

October 6, 2021

CarPlay brings important smartphone functions into the car, such as voice control, application support and Siri, the artificial intelligence from Apple. You must have an iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, or 6S running iOS 11 or later for it to work.

CarPlay requires a compatible iOS device. Older vehicles must connect to the vehicle via a USB-Lighting cable. Newer cars can already rely on wireless car chargers, which provides a much more convenient synchronisation between the vehicle and the smartphone.

For older Audi models you can also install Apple CarPlay:


What are the most interesting features available in Apple CarPlay?

A music library, podcasts and audiobooks from your phone (no need to sync your iPhone via the car’s Bluetooth connectivity). With CarPlay, you also gain instant access to traffic and transit data. This is provided by the Waze app.

Users can also take advantage of driving support tools such as SOS mode and automatic collision response. This ingenious solution relies on cameras and sensors in the vehicle.

You can easily access your contacts, messages, and iPhone calendar. These are the features that most people use every day. Syncing with Apple CarPlay will certainly allow you to stay in touch with the people important to you.

A whole range of iPhone features are available through the voice interface, so you can make and receive calls, listen to music, send and receive text messages, get directions, and set iPhone preferences using voice commands.

To pair your car equipped with CarPlay with your iPhone, launch the iOS on-board app in your vehicle, then select the CarPlay icon. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will ask you to plug your phone into the car’s USB port.

When you’re in CarPlay mode, most of your phone’s functions, such as music playback, managing calls and text messages, maps and notifications, are accessible from your car’s dashboard. Both a compatible navigation app and Apple Maps can be used.

Without a doubt, this is a very useful application that brings driving comfort to a whole new, much higher level. It is a solution that, by the way, increases your safety on the road and also allows you to enjoy many essential apps.

Most new vehicles are compatible with Apple CarPlay. It is estimated that if you buy a car that was built after 2018, you will almost certainly be able to find Apple CarPlay there. However, it’s worth making sure and checking on the vehicle manufacturer’s website beforehand.