Why F1 Fans Will Enjoy Playing Slots

May 17, 2023

Though they might seem worlds apart, the overlap between online gaming and F1 racing is larger than you might think. Both offer adrenaline-fueled challenges of skill built from high stakes with the thrill of competition for every participant.

From the earliest days of gaming, programmers have sought to replicate the experience of motor racing in digital form. Today, realistic F1 games can be enjoyed on arcade machines, PCs, laptops, consoles, tablets, phones, and even through virtual reality.

Direct digital adaptations of the sport, however, are not the only way F1 fans enjoy online gaming. Action games, strategy games, and anything based around speed, technology, statistics, or competition can also tap into F1 fans’ preferences.

Casino games, such as online slots from Virgin Games, are particularly popular with many racing fans all over the world. This is because, whether the players realise it or not, both pastimes share many qualities and connections.

Why do F1 fans enjoy slots?

  • In it to win

The most obvious crossover between F1 and slot games is the competition aspect. F1 drivers all have one ultimate goal, to come out on top, the same applies to all slot players.

The thrill of planning, pushing, and patiently waiting for the big win is one echoed in both F1 and slots. By playing real money casino games, anyone can enjoy the rush of competition that only a few F1 drivers experience.

  • Constant variation

At its core, F1 is simply cars driving around a track until one of them takes the chequered flag first. However, with dozens of diverse circuits and race lengths every season, alongside changing weather, every single race is different.

Slots are the same in this respect, while spinning reels and payout lines are consistent, everything else changes. Varied themes, sounds, jackpots, formats, and styles of play mean every slot game is a unique experience.

  • Adrenaline rush

One of the biggest appeals of slot games is the adrenaline rush as you get close to a win. This is echoed in F1, both as a driver and a spectator, as jeopardy is present throughout each race.

While some people enjoy a more sedate puzzle game, F1 and slot fans are searching for the thrill of uncertainty. Slots are played quickly and with constant risk, but when things go the right way, the payoff can be huge.

  • Off-season

The F1 calendar runs from the start of March to the end of November, leaving a three-month off-season each year. It also has several weeks throughout the season without races as teams transport their equipment around the world.

Slots, on the other hand, can be played at any time of year and from almost anywhere. This makes slot games a great substitute for when F1 fans are missing the action of their beloved racing.

  • Shared themes

One of the appeals of online slot games is that they can be packaged and themed in almost any way. Crossovers with myths, pop stars, and movies are all common, as are sport-themed slot games.

Alongside football, baseball, wrestling, and much more, many of the best slot games use themes from F1. This allows racing fans to feel connected to their favourite sport as they enjoy slot game experiences.

What are the best F1-themed slots?

  • F1 Race

Created by Playtech, F1 Race uses depictions of real cars and drivers for its symbols. It also included F1-related sound effects and realistic 3D graphics.

A neat bonus feature allows players to get behind their favourite driver, whether that be Verstappen, Hamilton, or Alonso. Players select a driver for a virtual race and a prize is paid out if they choose the winner.

  • Formula X

Three progressive jackpots, 25 pay lines, and a low minimum stake all help to make Formula X extremely popular. What really appeals to racing fans, however, is that it’s F1 themed from top to bottom.

The reels of Formula X feature racing helmets, trophies, driver’s caps, and even a tyre-changing gun. By digging deep into the iconography of F1, GT has struck a chord with the sport’s most serious fans.

  • Grand Prix

Microgaming has delivered another game which leans on the F1 drivers and cars for the symbols on its reels. Sound effects and strong graphics also add to a captivating atmosphere that racing fans flock to.

What really makes Grand Prix stand out, however, is the integration of F1 into its bonus features. In addition to a common ‘Free Spin’ bonus, Grand Prix also offers a ‘Pit Stop’ bonus with instant prizes.

These are just a handful of the F1 themed slots that are popular among game-playing race fans today. Many more are on offer with new variations constantly being developed.

Are you an F1 fan who hasn’t tried slots yet? If so, perhaps it’s time to get out of the pit lane and give them a try!