2015 Carrera Cup Germany - Lausitzring (practice)

The third round of this year’s Carrera Cup Germany is going to be held on one of Europe’s most interesting race tracks. The EuroSpeedway Lausitzring is circuit in East Germany near Klewttwitz. The tracks unique feature is high speed oval  and regular racing track inside which can provide with many configurations and forms to suit preference of event the best. Most of the time, racers use part of oval and part of regular track to get very interesting circuit capable for high speeds on banking and for technical tight turns.  The general track lay out is similar to American NASCAR tracks.

A1 Grand Prix

So the Carrera Cup Germany weekend will be interesting and this time it will feature two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The racing weekend starts on Friday afternoon with hour long practice session. All of Porsche Carrera Cup Germany teams has entered this event which will be 4th and 5th race of this year’s championship.




During today’s practice session best time was achieved by experienced Porsche driver, Austrian ace Phillip Eng. His time was 1:25.099. The second was Michael Ammermuller and third Alex Riberas with very close times. In fact, top 9 drivers were all in 1:25 min range which shows that the qualifying session and races will be very interesting. Here are the results:




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