2017 Volkswagen Polo R WRC revealed!? No, it's just a sketch

Volkswagen Motorsport gives us today the official insight into the next generation of the Polo R WRC, the eagerly awaited car which would bring us the reminiscence to the legendary Group B rally cars. Although worldwide media keenly published that the new Polo R WRC is revealed, Volkswagen shows us just an official sketch of the 2017 Polo.

It’s a sketch which exposes the new stunning design, but we will be delighted when we see the real thing and hear the real sound. However, something more interesting than the sketch are the numbers.

The next generation WRC machines will have about 380 hp

The next generation rally cars, including the Polo R WRC, indeed would be the inheritors of the Group B cars, banned thirty years ago. They will be much more powerful, faster, and more spectacular than actual cars. The Polo R WRC will generate about 380 hp, roughly 60 hp more than the current car. The development of the 2017 Polo R WRC began in summer 2015, when the FIA released the new regulations.

The Volkswagen designers got more freedom and they produced a visual concept of the car at which we are looking, but the final appearance of the Polo R WRC will still change significantly by the start of the season at the Rally Monte Carlo in January 2017.

More aggressive design

The most visually striking changes are the larger rear wing and broader front spoiler. The new car is about 50 mm wider, the minimum length of the car is now 3,900 mm, whilst the minimum weight is reduced from 1,200 to 1,175 kg. The power increase is achieved by widening the air restrictor from 33 millimetres to 36 millimetres. Furthermore, the electronic centre differential can now be used for the power transmission.

‘‘The 2017 WRC regulations include many spectacular technical innovations for the World Rally Championship. ‘The World Rally Cars of the future will incorporate all the experience that teams have gained in recent years. They will be considerably more dynamic, whilst at the same time being safer. As usual, we are working painstakingly on the development of the next generation of the Polo R WRC. The key between now and the start of next season is to achieve the best possible prerequisites to allow the 2017 Polo R WRC to be as successful as its two predecessors,‘ said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Jost Capito.

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