Al-Attiyah is playing mind games before Dakar Rally

January 2, 2016
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Alexander S

  • Nasser Al Attiyah Mini Dakar

Dakar Rally champion Nasser Al-Attiyah said that he believes in another victory in the world’s most demanding rally race.


Peugeot lacks experience

He also added that he is not impressed by Peugeot’s ‘Dream team’ saying also that their car, the 2008 DKR is probably not reliable enough.

“Peugeot team has many great names, but they are still new team. They may carry one or two stages in the beginning of the race, and then descend, because the machine is under development. I also think  experienced drivers like Carlos Sainz and Stephane Peterhansel are not sure if they cars will sustain all 13 days of the race. This is only the second Dakar Rally for their team and they need time. I don’t know much  about their development programme, but I can’t see them making any big surprises,” said Qatari driver.


Al-Attiyah Mini Dakar

Nasser Al-Attiyah driving a Mini at Dakar rally


Mini proved its quality

On the other hand, Al-Attiyah is very optimistic about his team and his performance.

“Compared to the previous year, almost nothing has changed on Mini. My team has had a great experience in Dakar and other rally races. Mini has speed, it is very reliable and that was proven during the past four years,” concluded Al-Attiyah.



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