Audi Sport TT Cup at Nürburgring: Race stopped after hard crash

Jan Kisiel, current leader of Audi Sport TT Cup, is the winner of first race in this new one-make competition today at Nürburgring. He and other drivers will be rewarderd with full points despite the race was stopped in Lap 8 (of planned 16), after a hard crash of Joonas Lappalainen and Christoph Hofbauer in Turn 1. Race was red-flagged because both drivers needed medical assistance. It was the second race of Audi Sport TT Cup which was stopped after a big crash, first being at Red Bull Ring in August.


Emil Lindholm started from pole, ahead Jan Kisiel and Dennis Marschall. Their order was unchanged until Lap 6, when Kisiel took P1. One lap after Marschall overtook Lindholm, the race was stopped. Nicolaj Møller Madsen finished fourth. Guest driver Aditya Patel finished fifth, ahead of the best lady driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky.




Christoph Hofbauer and Joonas Lappalainen were fifth and sixth when they crashed. Lappalainen spun at the main straight before Turn 1 after he was hit by Dominik Peitz. After that, Finnish driver lost control and crashed into Hofbauer’s car.


Other guest drivers were  Nikolaus Schelle (13th overall), Guido Naumann (15th), Matthias Malmedie (16th) and Playboy-girl Doreen Seidel (17th).


Jan Kisiel remained in the lead after 9 races with 174 points, 18 more than Nicolaj Møller Madsen. Dennis Marschall is third with 142.5 points.


Check all the results at SnapLap result pages.

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