Audi Sport TT Cup at Red Bull Ring: Race 2 stopped after 6-cars crash

  • Audi Sport TT Cup, Red Bull Ring, crash, red flag

Race 2 of Audi Sport TT Cup at Red Bull Ring was stopped and redflagged shortly after beginning because of big 6-cars crash between Turn 1 and 2. Fortunately everybody involved was unhurt. Lots of debris at the track, bad weather conditions and busy schedule of other races caused cancellation and the race wans’t restarted.


Heavy rain and fog attacked the track in Subday morning so race control decided to start the race with Safety Car. After four laps of cruising behind the SC race begun in Lap 5 with rolling start. Poleman Alexis van de Poele and other drivers from top of the field – Dennis Marschall, Jan KisielNicolaj Møller Madsen and Rahel Frey – safely went through first turn and further.


Behind their back car bowling started. Kaan Onder, Emil Lindholm and Loris Hezemans crashed and stopped at the track. Levin Amweg runned into Hezemans’ car and number 50 Audi was catched by fire after that. Anton Marklund tried to avoid the pile-up but smashed into Onder’s car. Christoph Hofbauer‘s Audi slipped of the track, hit the barrier and  finished in the gravel on the right hand side of the track.



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