Audi Sport TT Cup: Kisiel wins Race 2 and takes championship lead

Jan Kisiel became double winner in Audi Sport TT Cup races at Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. After yesterday’s victory 21-year old Polish was the fastest again and scored maximum points, which promoted him to the position of a new championship leader. Joonas Lappalainen was second fastest again and second overall, ahead of best placed guest driver Uwe Alzen.


Third podium sport for regular drivers was taken by Dennis Marschall, who was fifth overall. Fourth overall and second among guest drivers was Briton Alex Lloyd. Third fastest guest driver Tim Schrick was 17th overall.




Kisiel and Lappalainen started the race from the front row and remained there until the end of the race. There were no fights between them, but we saw lots of overtakings and position changes behind them. Uwe Alzen was victorious in battles against Dominik Peitz, Dennis Marschall and Alex Lloyd. Previous championship leader Nicolaj Møller Madsen was fighting against Josh Caygill and he defended his sixth place. Two fast ladies Gosia Rdest and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky fought for 11th place and Polish driver crossed the finish line ahead Swedish.


After 8 races Jan Kisiel has 149 points, nine more than Nicolaj Møller Madsen. Dennis Marschall is third with 121.5 points, ahead of Joonas Lappalainen with 102.5 points. Christoph Hofbauer is fifth with 99.5 points.



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