BMW Z4 GT3 - Powerful, Fast and Elegant Bavarian Roadster

  • BMW Z4 GT3
  • BMW Z4 GT3

BMW is one of those companies which rely much on its motorsports heritage and invest a lot in keeping it alive. During the years, BMW manufactured a lot of victorious machines and legendary race cars and Z4 GT3 is one of the latest in this line of great racers.

BMW Z4 GT3 racing cars


Powerful and fast

Introduced in 2010, the Z4 GT3 is BMW’s weapon in endurance racing and GT championships. It is based on a production version of Z4 roadster, but with a fixed roof and a new engine. The road-going Z4s have a six cylinder engine, but the GT3-spec cars have a fantastic 4,4l V8 unit from BMW M3 GT3, the track special M3. The power figures are around 535 bhp and 520 Nm of torque which is somewhat less than the competition. The engine block is produced by the BMW foundry in Landshut. BMW Plant Dingolfing contributes the rear-axle transmission, among other things.

BMW Z4 GT3 motorsport cars

Z4 GT3 on the track

Elegant design

The front and rear aprons, bonnet, roof, mudguards, rear wing, and many other parts of BMW Z4 GT3 are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. However, the Z4 GT3 is around 100 kg lighter than the rest of the cars on the grid and has smaller wheelbase. This means that Z3 GT3 is as fast and nimble as any other car in GT3 class. The price of a BMW Z4 GT3 is around 370.000 euros and this model is a good proposition for private teams and gentleman racers worldwide. Every car takes around 700 man hours to complete, so every detail is double-checked and proven.

BMW Z4 GT3 motorsports


BMW Z4 GT3 is competitive and highly successful

During the last few years, BMW Z4 GT3 proved to be a very competitive and reliable car. It won the 2010 24 Hours of Dubai event and in 2011 it was second in 24 Hours of Spa. In the same year, in the Japanse Super GT series, in GT300 class, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Taku Bamba were champions with their Z4 GT3. In 2014 and 2015, the BMW Z4 GT3 was used in various racing series, like Blancpain Endurance where nine teams are using it and in VLN series, where it will battle competition on home turf against many other different types of cars. Even after many teams switched to the new BMW M6 GT3, the Z4 is still used by many teams.

Video : The sound and movement of BMW Z4 GT3 on track

BMW Z4 version developed for racing in the US

However, the BMW Z4 GT3 is not the only version for endurance racing since there is a Z4 GTE/GTLM which is developed on Z4 GT3 for racing in America in the USSC series. The specification of the car and racing know-how of BMW Motorsport department are enough to keep the BMW Z4 GT3 in the front of the grid. This is the car which proved to be fast, reliable and popular among the teams and drivers and everybody in BMW can be proud after that.

BMW Z4 GT3 on a very wet track

BMW Z4 GT3 during a race


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