GP2: Alexander Rossi wins at Spa, his team mate Jordan King on second

  • 2015 Alexander Rossi Spa GP2 Sprint Race

A thrilling GP3 sprint race left us expecting nothing less from GP2 drivers. The race started without issues with Alexander Rossi in the lead at the very start after overtaking his team mate and pole sitter Jordan King. Berthon lost the second place to Rossi and was right behind King, trying to keep the pace. Stoffel Vandoorne jumped from eighth to fourth and was making sure Berthon is under pressure from behind. All eyes were on Alex Lynn who finally overtook Julian Leal for ninth on lap nine. Mitch Evans was pressuring Vandoorne, but didn’t complete the chase as Vandoorne went up to third on lap 11.

On lap 13, Arthur Pic lost control of his car and ended in the gravel, causing a virtual safety car on lap 14. On the same lap, the race restarted, and Vandoorne had a lockup which slowed him down significantly and blown his chances of a double victory. Oliver Rowland ended the race early because of an undefined mechanical issue. In the last lap, Vandoorne lost the podium to Mitch Evans. Racing Engineering got a 1-2 finish when Rossi and King crossed the finish line, followed by Evans on third and Vandoorne on fourth. Markelov was on fifth with Sirotkin and Berthon behind him. Alex Lynn managed to get to eighth and scored points in the race, while Canamasas and Haryanto were completing the top ten. Detailed results are the following:


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