GP2: Pierre Gasly wins his first GP2 pole at Monza

  • 2015 GP2 Monza Qualifying, track

Pierre Gasly was on top of his game in the morning practice session, and for the qualifying, he matched his pace, winning his maiden GP2 pole. The session started 15:55PM local time and Sergey Sirotkin was the first to get to the top with 1:42.416, later setting the fastest representative time, but was soon overtaken by Stoffel Vandoorne, who was topped by Mitch Evans with 1:31.424. Pierre Gasly was on second with a 1:31.526 time with Vandoorne behind and Sirotkin dropping to fourth. A tumble in top five followed as Vandoorne climbed to second followed by Gasly and Alex Lynn, dropping Sirotkin to fifth.

Halfway into the session no top-five place switches occurred, so Mitch Evans was still in the lead. Richie Stanaway improved his time to sixth, but was slowed down by oncoming traffic. As most of the cars went to the pits, Alexander Rossi gradually improved his runs, jumping to eighth.

In the final five minutes, Pierre Gasly drove his best lap and went to provisional pole with 1:31.272. Raffaelle Marciello met with the sausage curbs in the first chicane, while Alexander Rossi abandoned his efforts from tenth position. Nobody could top Gasly’s time, so he will start the race from pole, ahead of Evans, Vandoorne, Lynn and Sirotkin in top five. Haryanto finished the session on sixth, followed by Pic, Stanaway, Canamasas and Rossi in top ten. You can see the detailed results here.

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