GP2: Rio Haryanto conquers Silverstone in an exciting Sprint Race

After Kevin Ceccon took the win in the GP3 sprint race, the GP2 cars rolled on track for a sprint that was won by Rio Haryanto. Rowland, who finished the feature race in eighth spot lost his reverse pole because he dropped to tenth when penalized for exceeding track limits, so Rio Haryanto was in front.

Arthur Pic was penalized as well, for causing a collision with Jordan King, so was dropped from sixth to fourteenth spot. Haryanto kept his lead on the start and was followed by Raffaele Marciello and Pierre Gasly. Nick Yelloly dropped to fourth but was overtaken by Alex Lynn and Alexander Rossi.

On lap 2, Sergio Canamasas spun and Norman Nato suffered some front wing damage, and in the beginning of lap 3, Rossi overtook Alex Lynn on turn 1, but the pass was made off track so Rossi was facing a possible penalty. On lap 8, it was ruled that Rossi was at fault and was issued a 5s penalty. Pierre Gasly got a black and white flag. On lap 9, Jordan King made a great move on Cecotto and continued improving.

Halfway into the race, Haryanto had a stable lead and Lynn was enduring attacks from Nick Yelloly and feature race winner Sergey Sirotkin. On lap 12, Cecotto suffered a punctured tire and spun. On lap 14, Negrao and Evans were warned because of track limits. On lap 17, Sergey Sirotkin took advantage of a battle between Lynn and Yelloly and managed to squeeze himself between the two of them. On lap 18, Oliver Rowland overtook GP2 championship leader Stoffel Vandoorne to take eighth place. On lap 20, Yelloly reclaimed his place by overtaking Sirotkin, who was then overtaken by Oliver Rowland.

Rio Haryanto took his third victory this season in front of Marciello and Gasly. Behind the top three was Alexander Rossi who retained his position despite the penalty and Nick Yelloly in top five. Yelloly managed to hold off Alex Lynn, Oliver Rowland and Sergey Sirotkin who battled hard until the very last corner of the race. Vandoorne was on ninth and Jordan King was the last one in top ten.


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