GP2: Sergey Sirotkin wins from pole in Silverstone

  • R. Marciello at the end of GP2 Silverstone 2015

This weekend proved to be a special one for Sergey Sirotkin who earned his first GP2 feature race victory in his first race ever at Silverstone Circuit. The race began with Sirotkin on pole for the first time in his career. However, Richie Stanaway had a great start and stormed past Vandoorne and Sirotkin, climbing from third to first.

On lap 2, the safety car was deployed because of an accident between Artem Markelov and Nathanel Berthon. On lap 4, the race restarted with Stanaway returning to third with Sirotkin’s fantastic overtake ford the first and Matsushita going up for the second, whereas Vandoorne dropped to fourth. Artem Markelov served a 10s penalty for causing an accident with Berthon. Under incredibly unfortunate circumstances, on lap 7, Nobuharu Matsushita was forced to finish the race early from a second place due to a mechanical issue. That promoted Stanaway to second and Vandoorne to third.

On lap 10, Mitch Evans was forced to retire when he lost his headrest in the middle of the track. Alexander Rossi’s efforts paid off on lap 16 when he got to third by overtaking Vandoorne after going wheel to wheel on him. On lap 17, Alexander Rossi to overtook Stanaway on Brooklands and climbed up to second.

Vandoorne managed to overtake Stanaway and both drivers pitted at the same time. On lap 20, Rossi pitted exiting on eigth, and Sirotkin made his mandatory stop on lap 21, restarting the race from fourth. Gasly pitted from the lead, coming out right behind Vandoorne, while the Belgian was trying to overtake Yelloly. Arthur Pic and Daniel De Jong were the last drivers to pit. Richie Stanaway’s suspension failed on lap 23 and he was forced to go to the pits.

On lap 25, Vandoorne was trying to force King to give him way for third place, and by the end of the lap, he did it on a start-finish straight. Gasly and King battled for fourth place, but King’s defense was impenetrable for the Frenchman. Lynn was also battling hard and managed to get to fifth by overtaking King who dropped to sixth as Gasly managed to overtake him and take the fourth. Jordan King spun in the last corner on the last lap as Arthur Pic gave him a nudge. Gasly was fourth, Lynn was fifth, but was facing penalty for pushing King, while Pic was sixth. Behind him were Marciello, Yelloly, Rowland and Haryanto.

GP2 Sirotkin Wins at Silverstone Circuit

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