GP3: Kirchhofer victorious in Monza sprint race

  • Race at 2015 Monza GP3

Marvin Kirchhofer took advantage of Jimmy Eriksson’s car issues and won the sprint race on the penultimate lap. A fantastic yesterday’s feature race had its share of post-race penalties. Matthew Parry was stripped of his fourth position as well as Seb Morris from tenth. Both of the cars were found to be underweight during the post-race inspections and drivers started the feature race in 20th and 21st position. During the formation lap, Pal Varhaug stalled while Alex Palou spun his car and hit the barrier lightly. Alex Fontana started the race from pole and Seb Morris stalled, causing an extra formation lap. Before the start, Artur Janosz went to the pits too.

The 16-lap long race started without any incidents, but shortly after, Matt Parry finished the race prematurely. On lap 2, Matheo Tuscher went off track while attacking the leader, but managed to return to the race. On lap 4, Jimmy Eriksson overtook Fontana for the lead in the first chicane. Fontana also lost the second to Marvin Kirchhofer in the same lap. On lap 7, Esteban Ocon took advantage of Ceccon’s mistake and climbed to third.

While trying to overtake Fontana in the first chicane, Emil Bernstorff hit the sausage kerbs and flew off track and into the gravel pit, finishing the race prematurely. The accident also dropped Fontana to tenth. On lap 13, Ghiotto made a move on Ceccon and got to fourth position. On the penultimate lap, Jimmy Eriksson lost the lead to Kirchhofer and in the last lap, he was forced to retire, promoting Ocon to second and Ghiotto to third. Ceccon was fourth, followed by Eriksson, Tuscher, Boschung and Stuvik in top eight.

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