Muller wins race 1 in Moscow

  • Yvan Muller, four time WTCC champion

The winner of the WTCC race 1 at Moscow Raceway is Yvan Muller. Citroen driver secured third victory in the season in front of his team mate Jose Maria Lopez and Honda’s Gabriele Tarquini.


While at the top standings stayed almost unchanged, there was shake-up in the middle and in the back of the grid. Sebastien Loeb moved up three places, Tiago Monteiro moved up two positions while Rickard Rydell and Tom Coronel slided out of track, but managed to take back on the course.




John Filippi was the first who had to retire after problems with his Chevrolet, but he was at the back of the grid and his withdrawal wasn’t important as it was battle for the third between Tarquini and Huff. Muller set the fastest lap and had an advantage of 1.5 seconds in front of Lopez in the middle of the race.


Second half of the race was far from interesting as almost nothing had happened. Muller’s advantage was almost four seconds, Huff cooled his attacks on Tarquini and only Monteiro and Loeb were in the more muscular fight for eighth but standings remained unchanged. Three laps to go Tom Coronel was second driver which must to retire with an aim to prepare his car for the second race.




Fourth place in the first race won Rob Huff in Lada, fifth was Ma Qing Hua and remaining points were won by Tom Chilton, Norbert Michelisz, Tiago Monteiro, Sebastien Loeb and Jaap van Lagen.


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