Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Hockenheimring – race 1

The final round of 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany is held this weekend on Hockenheimring. The champion of the series is already known and it is Austrian Ace Phillip Eng who was dominant for most of the season, however, the Carrera Cup Germany is the most competitive 991 GT3 Cup championship in the world so the racing is always very interesting. First race of the weekend was held on Saturday afternoon and Jeffrey Schmidt was on pole with teammate Michael Ammermuller on second place and Phillip Eng on third.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

The start of the 14 laps/25 minutes long race started without any incident. Schmitd was first with Ammermuller second and Eng third. However, that was just the beginning of big fight and Eng immidiely started pushing Ammermuller for second. But other drivers did the same to him and there was big mess as lot of cars jammed the curves. Fortunately, there were no contact but the driving were aggressive. After few laps, Ammermuller spun after contact and rejoined others but lost his place. This made problem for rest of the grid stopping the traffic and Eng from third went on tenth.  In just one moment, Ammermuller lost second place and went back to 15th. In the meantime, Jeffrey Schmidt used the mess behind him to make over 4 seconds advantage. After 5 laps, Schmidt was first, Cristopher Zochling second and Christian Engelhart third. Those three drivers moved away from the rest of the pack.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

The interesting battle was for 6/7 place when Sven Muller was attacked by Jaap Van Lagen. The aggressive driving took its tool when Van Lagen spun right in front Phillip Eng who just barely managed to avoid him. The drivers were mixed again and Ben Baker managed to pass Alex Riberas for fourth place. In front there was drama in last two laps. Jeffrey Schmidt was comfortable in his lead and stared driving a little bit slower which means that Zochling managed to get very close. They were bumper to bumper for last lap and Zochling tried his best to upset Schmidt but didn’t succeed and Jeffrey Schmidt deservedly was first to see checkered flag on the finish and won the race 1 of Hockenheim weekend. The luck wasn’t on his teammate’s side as Ammermuller retired just before the end of the race with car problems. For full results, click HERE:


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