Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Norisring – race 2

The second race of 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in Norisring is just about to start and after Nicki Thiim dominated qualifications and first race on Saturday we can expect dynamic race today. The results of first race (click HERE) and Thiim is on first, Cairoli on second starting position for today’s race. However, between yesterday’s finish and today’s start there been some important news and young Italian driver Matteo Cairoli has been stripped of his points achieved yesterday when he finished second. The reason for this drastic decision by race officials is that Cairoli’s Porsche 991 GT3 Cup had non compliant shock absorbers installed in his car. By the rules of Carrera Cup Germany, the shocks absorbers had to be made in year that the race is driven which is 2015 and Cairoli’s absorbers were made in 2014 which technical inspection after the race noticed and informed officials. The mistake by his team were made while the car was assembled after the crash a month ago. While the shocks absorbers are the same and doesn’t affect the car in any way different than the 2015’s absorbers, the rules are clear and Italian driver lost all of his point won in Saturday’s race. With that being said, Phillip Eng is moved to second place and awarded points accordingly. However, Cairoli’s place on the grid for today’s race is not changed and he started from second position just behind the yesterday’s winner Thiim.


The weather was good with no rain and sunny which was ideal for 35 minutes/35 laps race on Norisring street track. The start was without incidents but Thiim didn’t start as good as he could and Cairoli took the first place for few hundred meters while Thiim managed to pass him and to reclaim his position. However, Cairoli was very close behind preparing to attack. Sven Muller and Jeffrey Schmidt were on third and fourth and Phillip Eng on fifth place. By the lap 10, first three drivers (Thiim,Carioli,Muller) were around 1. 0 seconds in front of the rest of the grid. By the middle of the race, Thiim moved more forward while Cairoli was slower and Sven Muller pressed him for second. In one moment Cairoli started to slow down, skid on track and Muller passed him along with few other drivers. In the same time, Ben Baker left the race and retired with damage on the front of his car.


In just few laps to the end of the race, Eng which was on third position started to press Muller on second. Muller had obviously some problems with brakes since every hard turn his tires were smoking but he managed to keep his position. Nicki Thiim was far ahead and when lap 35 came his victory was certain and well deserved. Sven Muller came in second and Phillip Eng was third. Matteo Cairoli after all the problems this weekend finished on sixth position. It was great to see Nicki Thiim dominating this weekend in Norisring and we hope that he is going to keep on winning in future. For full results, click HERE:

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