Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Zandvoort - practice

The fifth round of Carrera Cup Germany,  Germany’s fastest cup series is moving to Netherlands for the weekend as the two-race event is held on the well-known Zandvoort track. It is a twisty 4,3 kilometers circuit where good technique means more that just speed. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen in the next two races which will be held on Saturday and Sunday.


Today, there was a practice session before tomorrow’s qualifying, with interesting results. The fastest time was achieved by Austrian ace Phillip Eng which is not surprising since he is a favourite for this season. However, the real interesting result was that the second and third fastest times were achieved by Matteo Cairoli and British driver Daniel Cammish from British Carrera Cup.

Cairoli is one of the most promising young drivers in Porsche Cup world and Cammish did show significant skill and ambition in the last round of the Supercup in Silverstone. With Michael Ammermuller on fourth and Connor de Phillipi on fifth place, all drivers had very close times (1:41 mark) and we can expect an interesting qualification tomorrow and of course some good racing in the future. For full results, click HERE:

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