Porsche Supercup Monza - practice

The best and fastest Porsche cup championship – the Mobile 1 Supercup has just started another interesting weekend of racing but this time on legendary Italian track Monza. With record setting number of drivers on the grid (39) this is going to be fantastic two race event a new rule which was introduced last time at Spa. After a very intense and interesting racing at Spa, we are expecting the same in Monza, hopefully with less accidents and contacts between the drivers. Because of accidents in last race, Michael Ammermuller and Spike Goddard are starting with totally new cars this race. In case of Ammermuller’s Porsche 991 GT3 Cup that was necessary because he had serious crash in first race but with the help of his and other teams manage to repair his car over the night. Obviously, the damage is far bigger so the new chassis is needed. Here is the race report with video of his crash:


The practice session on 5,7 kilometers long legendary raceway started Friday on 16:45 and lasted for full 45 minutes giving every of 39 enlisted drivers enough time to learn the track and its secrets. Best time on today’s free practice session was achieved by Porsche Junior driver Sven Muller who managed to get 1:52.518 result. Muller had great memories of Monza and in fact he scored his firs Porsche Supercup win there last year and as contender in this year’s championship this is special place for him and chance to repeat his success from last year. Second was Matteo Cairoli in direct case of home turf advantage and third was Christian Engelhart. Interestingly, championship leader, Austrian driver Phillip Eng was 10th. For full results click HERE and stay tuned for tomorrow’s coverage of qualifying session and race 1.

Photo: racecam.de

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