Renault Sport Trophy: Victories for Pieter Schothorst and Niccolo Nalio

World Series by Renault racing weekend at Silverstone is concluded with Sprint races of Renault Sport Trophy.  Niccolò Nalio (Oregon Team) has won the race in Prestige class while Pieter Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur) was the winner in Elite class.


Already a winner of Saturday’s Endurance race, Niccolò Nalio won again in the Prestige Sprint race ahead of Dario Capitanio (Oregon Team) and Toni Forné (ART Junior Team). The Italian is now two points adrift of championship leader Diederik Sijthoff (V8 Racing), with Dario Capitanio sandwiched between the two.


In Elite category Pieter Schothorst won in his first weekend in the discipline against Indy Dontje (ART Junior Team) and Nicky Pastorelli (V8 Racing). Despite dropping out, his brother Steijn Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur) is still in command of the category with a 28 point lead.




On pole position for the Prestige race, Niccolò Nalio held onto the lead in front of Toni Forné, who overtook Dario Capitanio. On lap four, Toni Forné committed an error that allowed Dario Capitanio to reclaim his place. Richard Gonda (ART Junior Team) made a strong run through the field, but his race was cut short on lap six, one lap before Andres Mendez (Zele Racing).


Niccolò Nalio won with a comfortable eight second gap over his teammate Dario Capitanio. Toni Forné was under pressure from Max Braams (V8 Racing), but held onto his spot on the podium. Stefano Costantini (V8 Racing) was fifth ahead of Diederik Sijthoff, Chris Harris (Monlau Competicion) and Jeroen Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur). Philippe Bourgois (Zele Racing) and Adalberto Baptista (Oregon Team) picked up the final point after the puncture of Antonio Coimbra (Equipe Verschuur).




After securing the pole for the Elite Sprint race, Pieter Schothorst held onto the lead while Steijn Schothorst and Luciano Bacheta (Oregon Team) finished their races in the gravel trap at Copse. After the intervention of the safety car, Pieter Schothorst kept Indy Dontje and David Fumanelli (Oregon Team) at bay. Nicky Pastorelli surprised David Fumanelli on lap four. Behind them, a feisty group saw Andrea Pizzitola (ART Junior Team) overtake Bas Schothorst (Zele Racing) for fifth place.


Race leader Pieter Schothorst went on for the win ahead of fellow Dutchmen Indy Dontje and Nicky Pastorelli, who held off the attacks coming from Andrea Pizzitola, who had overtaken David Fumanelli on the penultimate lap of the race. Bas Schothorst finished sixth ahead of Paul-Loup Chatin (Monlau Competicion), Alan Hellmeister (Oregon Team), Vittorio Ghirelli (Zele Racing) and Archie Hamilton (V8 Racing).


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