Jamie Chadwick is the first W Series champion!

  • Jamie Chadwick champion
  • Jamie Chadwick champion
  • Jamie Chadwick W Series

Jamie Chadwick is the champion of the W Series in the inaugural season of the all-female single-seater racing championship. The 21-year-old British girl finished fourth in the season’s finale at Brands Hatch, what was her worst result in the six-race season after she scored five podiums previously, but that was good enough to take the championship title with a 10-point gap (110:100) ahead of Beitske Visser.

Visser finished third at Brands Hatch, sharing a podium with second-placed Emma Kimilainen and the race winner Alice Powell. It was the first win of the season for Powel after she reached three podiums in the previous five races.

W Series, Alice Powell, Jamie Chadwick

Alice Powell has won the last race of the season, Jamie Chadwick takes the championship title

Check the results of W Series race at Brands Hatch

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