3 Ways to Control Your Porsche Maintenance Cost

October 21, 2021
Automotive, Maintenance

You love your Porsche. But you also hate the idea of spending a ton of money on it.

And, if you’re anything like most Porsche owners, you probably don’t understand what is actually included in the maintenance cost you pay every time you visit your Porsche dealer for service.

This doesn’t mean they don’t want to control these costs; on the contrary, usually, most clients are very interested in keeping the cost at bay (if possible).

Here are three ways to control how much you spend on Porsche maintenance costs and repairs so that you can enjoy driving it more often and worry less about unexpected expenses popping out of nowhere.

1. Buy High-Quality Parts

Porsche replacement parts are expensive because someone had to design them with all their electronic components afterward. That means every part needs some sophisticated electronic components.

You could save a lot of money by just buying the parts for a Porsche from someone else, but then you run the risk that something might go wrong with your car (which it shouldn’t because Porsche makes safe cars).

2. Perform Regular Checks Mechanically and At Your Dealer

Since you are not pre-qualified for all regular checks/services and oil change, unless you pay extra for them, find an official Porsche Service Mechanic to do those on your behalf. If something is found abnormal (and should be replaced), only then visit your dealer.

This way you will never end up paying more than needed to replace required services or spare parts.

Also if anything should require immediate attention, the first stop should always be your local Porsche service & repair shop for scheduled maintenance.

3. Perform Regular Cleaning and Detailing of Your Car Yourself

Cleaning your Porsche yourself will not only preserve the value of your car but also save you some money. You will need to buy special products for this, but most are now available online.

As for details, visit a local auto-buffing station and bring your own kit with you.

Make sure to ask them to remove all scratches from your paintwork first (if they don’t have proper equipment), but make sure detailed steps are included in their job description before leaving them unattended with your car.

Want More Help Lowering Your Porsche Maintenance Cost?

As you can see, controlling Porsche maintenance cost doesn’t require much effort on our client’s side, but it’s important to keep the cost at bay. It doesn’t mean you’ll never visit your dealer for service or repairs.

However, these tips should help you plan the costs in advance and discuss them with your Porsche dealer before any work is actually required (to be done).

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