Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Foldable E-Bike Review

July 24, 2023
Mnea Minogue

The higher portability of the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike reflects the reason for its popularity. It allows the riders to carry the electric bike from one place to another. There are multiple factors that make the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 perfect for people who want to explore new areas using the electric bike.

A good travel companion makes the rider confident and enables them to enjoy the ride without worrying about anything. But choosing the right travel companion is a difficult thing. A comprehensive review can help riders to consider all the specifications carefully and decide which one is the perfect travel companion. This article will review the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160. So, buckle up and sit tight!

FOLDTAN M-160 Folding Electric Bike

How much can I travel using Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike?

The range is a vital factor when we consider the electric bike. It shows how much a person can travel using the motor in the electric bike. The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 offers a range of 100 miles on a single charge. Of course, it takes a long time to fully charge the electric bike. Once the bike is fully charged, you can travel all day.

The ability to travel longer makes the rider happy and allows them to explore the nearby areas as much as they can. Also, the bike offers an impressive 48V*20Ah built-in motor, which is made of lithium. The lithium-ion batteries are more durable than other battery types. So, the FOLDTAN M-160 offers exceptional range to the rider and allows them to enjoy the ride.

Material Quality of FOLDTAN M-160

Does the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike make of good material quality?

The brand will never compromise the quality of the product. They know the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to success. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy in the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160, which makes it solid.

The electric bike has hydraulic mineral oil disc brakes that provide power to stop the bike at any time. These brakes are way more effective than the mechanical disc brakes. Also, the motor cut-off sensor in the brakes blocks the motor assistance when the rider applies the brakes. Hydraulic brakes are self-adjustable brakes that require less maintenance than mechanical brakes. If you are unfamiliar with the brakes, we recommend you prefer hydraulic brakes to mechanical brakes to control your electric bike.

Electric bike’s Comfortability

What features of Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 make riding comfortable?

Advanced features mean better experience and higher comfort. The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 has multiple advanced features that deliver enhanced riding experiences. The bike has a perfectly adjustable saddle that feels more comfortable. The rider can adjust the saddle by moving the cushion forward and backward to make their sitting more comfortable.

The Preload-Adjustable Front Suspension Fork (100mm of travel) is another feature that ensures better comfort for the rider. It makes the ride better by preventing the rider from bumps or shocks. The Preload-Adjustable Front Suspension Fork enables the rider to comfortably ride the electric bike on any surface type and feel more satisfied after completing the ride.

The fat wide tires of the electric bike provide better grip and control to the rider. It is effective in different conditions and allows the rider to overcome obstacles efficiently. So, the bike delivers more comfort than your expectations.

Electric bike’s Versatility

Who can ride the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike?

With a step-through bike frame, the bike is effectively run by people of all ages. Sometimes older people face difficulties in getting on electric bikes, but with a low-through frame, the bike provides the perfect balance and stability to the riders. So, riding this electric bike is easy for everyone.

Moreover, the bike has 4-inch fat tires that make it efficient to run in different situations. Whether riding on hills, slippery surfaces, or beaches, the FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike is perfect for every surface type.

FOLDTAN’s Climbing Ability

“Does the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike have efficient climbing ability?”

Whenever we consider performance, the motor is the crucial factor to consider. In this case, the bike has an efficient 750W motor that assists the rider and allows them to climb the hills with ease. Also, the bike offers different levels of pedal assist systems with torque sensors.

Riders can customize the pedal assist system to put less power while pedaling the electric bike. It makes riding easy and encourages riders to perform low-impact exercises to improve their overall fitness. So, the electric bike has the potential to ride the electric bike smoothly on hill surfaces.

Electric bike’s Safety

Is the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike safe?

The Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike is completely safe for riders. The bike has a 5-inch LCD display, which provides most of the riding information for you. Also, the bike has integrated lights directly connected to the main battery and provides 180-degree visibility to the riders to ride confidently in the dark. It also has a multifunctional taillight that ensures proper indication to ride safely.

The bike also offers hydraulic disc brakes that provide better control and stopping power. The front and rear fenders of the electric bike keep the rider safe from mud and debris. So, the bike is safe for riders.


Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 folding electric bike is the perfect bike that offers everything that provides an enhanced riding experience. There are multiple benefits to choosing the electric bike as your travel companion. Also, it costs less compared to cars and motorbikes. The bike’s maintenance cost is also significantly low. It is good for the health and environment because it does not release emissions. So, there is no reason to avoid the electric bike as your next travel companion. You have miles to explore, and an electric bike is a reliable and safe option to explore with.