The Complete Guide to Automotodrom Brno for Beginners

October 14, 2016
Alexander S

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Automotodrom Brno in the Czech Republic is probably not one of the best motorsports venues in Europe but has a long racing tradition.

Brno always was the Czech epicenter of racing

The city of Brno has always been the center of motorsport in former Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic. In 1930, when the first race was held at road circuit near the historical city in Moravia, it had a name Masaryk Circuit, after the first Czechoslovakian president Tomas Masaryk. Over the years the circuit was also known as Masarikring and Brno Circuit.

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Brno is the epicenter of motorsport in the Czech Republic

Original circuit was made of public roads

The original circuit, used from 1930 to 1948, was made out of public roads and was 29 km long with 81 turns. However, the venue hosted some big races like Masaryk Grand Prix and attracted many big names, like Hans Stuck, Louis Chiron, and Bernd Rosemeyer.

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The safety at old Masaryk Circuit wasn’t at the highest level

After the World War 2, the circuit was out of order until 1949. The new layout was still made out of public roads but it was shortened to 17.8 km and had 53 turns. The first race was the Czechoslovakian Grand Prix, won by the British driver Peter Whitehead in Ferrari 125, in front of almost 400.000 people!

Motorcycle races took primacy

Since 1950 motorcycle races became the main events and that layout was used until 1963. The Czechoslovakian Grand Prix was even a part of the Motorcycle World championship from 1965 to 1982. In the meantime, in 1962, the road circuit was again shortened, this time to 13.941 km with 40 turns.

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Almost 3000 bikers arrived to the Brno Circuit to pay tribute to Marco Simoncelli

The last modification of the road circuit was made in 1975 and it was used until 1986. The 4th road circuit was 10.925 km long and had 30 turns. Reconstruction of the circuit also enabled the return of the cars racing to Brno and luckily European Touring Car Championship round was held regularly. Over the years Brno was established as the important place for motorsports but it was obvious that some major changes should have been done in order to meet the modern racing and safety standards.

The construction of modern Automotodrom Brno

In 1985, the construction of the completely new circuit has begun, nearby the old one, but none of the old roads were used. Some parts and buildings of the old circuit could still be seen nearby the new track. which was finished in 1987 and that layout is still used. Of course, over the years some improvements have been done to the track and the facilities, but the layout remained the same.

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Control tower at the Brno circuit

The length of the track is 5.403 km, the width is 15 m and has 14 turns – 8 being right and 6 being left turns, while the elevation difference is 74 m. The circuit can accommodate around 150.000 spectators. The lap record time (1:39.089) was set by Ingo Gerstl in 2015, during the Boss GP race.

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Map of Automotodrom Brno

Moto GP and World Superbike races are still main events

Automotodrom Brno hosts several world championships. There are two championships that are most important, the World Road Bike Championship (MotoGP) and the World Superbike Championship. In 2016, Brno circuit for the first time was the host of the 24 hours race – the season finale of 24h Series.

Brno Moto GP

Motorcycle races are the main events at Brno circuit

Several others prominent racing series, like WTCC, DTM, or FIA GT1 World Championship, held their races at Masaryk Circuit. Brno also hosted the races of Formula 3, A1 Grand Prix, as well the most important national competitions.

Getting there and accommodation

Brno International Airport is located 25 km from the circuit, while the Prague Airport Ruzyne is located 210 km from the circuit. If you are planning to travel by plane, there are other two possibilities. You can choose airport in the Slovakian capital Bratislava ( it is located 150 km from the venue) or you can choose the Vienna Schwechat International Airport ( it is located 200 km from the circuit).

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Races at Brno circuit are always well attended

Public transport is well organized. Bus line 402 goes to Automotodrom regularly every day and the line 400 is available during the international racing days.

The accommodation in Brno is pretty much affordable, depending on the hotel’s category.

Address: Masarykuv okruh 201, 664 81 Ostrovacice, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 546 123 300

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