7 Car Light Maintenance Tips

November 3, 2020

  • Car Lights Maintenance

The lights of your car may not get as much care as the engine or the tires. And yet, the lights are an essential part of your car that enable you to drive at night. Therefore, it’s non-negotiable that you must regularly maintain the headlights and taillights with the same diligence as maintaining other components.

Here are seven effective tips that will let you keep your car lights clean.

Learn How to Clean the Headlights

The easiest way to maintain your car lights is to keep the headlights and taillights clean. Moisture can gather inside the head and tail lights, which hinders the beam strength and appears unsightly.

You presumably clean the cover of the head and taillights when you wash your car. But the inside lamp area must be cleaned as well. Browse the owner’s manual to understand how to remove the bulb cover and clean the lights.

Never Change Just One Light

In case your car requires replacing the bulbs, never do it for one. Remember that the globes in your headlights and tail lights come in pairs. When you replace the component, you need to purchase new lights in pairs as well. This will retain the consistency of your light as you drive.

Inconsistent head or tail lights would make driving in the dark a nightmare. Don’t let one light be dimmer than the other. One effective way is to look for OEM or performance type lenses for tail lights online, and there are several authentic websites for the same.

Check the Headlights for Beam Strength

Similar to the bulbs at your home, headlights can lose beam strength over time. Therefore, if you notice any signs of dimness, don’t hesitate to take your car to a professional mechanic to check the lights. Dimming indicates that the lights need replacement. Don’t wait until the bulbs go off completely. Get the issue fixed once for good.

Upgrade Existing Bulbs (if Required)

It’s possible to upgrade your car’s OEM head and tail lamps for enhanced beam strength. If you drive at night more commonly in areas that aren’t well-illuminated, this could be a worthy investment. Some bulb enhancements can increase the existing beam strength in your car. Discuss with a car mechanic and see if upgrading the lights in your vehicle is required.

Go with LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are available for your car, just like the ones in your home. Like the home bulbs, these LED car bulbs are more luminous and energy-efficient than conventional bulbs. Consult with your car mechanic about installing LED bulbs for your vehicle as a cost-effective upgrade.

Address Yellowing and Haziness

Headlights that are hazy or yellowed will give out less light. Sunlight is one reason for the yellowness of the headlights. It can also wear down the plastic in the headlight and lead to it becoming dull and hazy. Chemicals and smog from your vehicle’s engine can also cause yellowness in the lights. You can use professional headlight restoration services as part of car detailing, to restore your headlights’ shine and novelty in no time.

Wrapping Up

Don’t wait until you get a ticket for a broken tail light or find yourself in a road hazard due to the poorly functioning car lights. Make it a habit to include the tips we have discussed in this article in your routine maintenance schedule to avoid any chances of a mishap while driving.